Academic Standing

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At the end of each semester, your academic standing is newly assessed based on the courses you have taken.

Not assessed You have attempted fewer than 3.0 credits, and have not been assessed.
Good standing You have achieved a cumulative GPA of 1.60 or higher.
Academic probation You have a cumulative GPA below 1.60 or are returning from an academic suspension. In your next semester, you are permitted to take up to 2.0 credits (maximum).
Academic probation continues Your CGPA is below 1.60, but you have shown improvements in your last semester. You have achieved a sessional GPA of 1.60 or higher. Course load restriction is removed; you may take a standard course load if you wish.
Academic suspension In your most recent semester, you did not clear probation or achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or higher. For the term of your suspension, you are not eligible to enrol in courses.
Refused further registration No longer permitted to enrol at the University of Toronto.