Term Work

Checking Marks: Term Work During the Term

If you think that your mark on a term test or assignment has been calculated incorrectly, ask your instructor to check the mark. Do this as soon as possible, and certainly before the end of the semester. If you wish to appeal an instructor's decision about the grading of the term work, please contact the Chair of the Department or the Director of the Centre offering the course.

Procedures on Requesting an Extension for Term Work During the Term

Essays, tests, lab reports, and other term work is scheduled by your professor and is outlined clearly on your course syllabus. During the semester, all term work is under the discretion of your professor should you need an extension, or if you miss a test. If you are experiencing difficulty, you are responsible for contacting your professor as soon as possible, and do everything you can to complete the work. There are typically two ways to find a resolution to submit late or missed term work during the term before you have to petition:

  1. Requesting an extension/accommodation: If you cannot submit term work by your professor's deadline, speak with them as soon as possible to request special consideration. This is granted at their discretion, and policies may vary depending on the professor. If you need to appeal a decision that you disagree with, speak with the Departmental / Divisional Chair whose information is found in the Calendar under the program name.
  2. Extensions beyond the last date to submit term work: If it is close to the end of the session, your professor and Chair may grant you an extension for up to one week after the last day to submit term work.

Your Petition

You must submit a petition if you require an extension beyond one week from the last day of classes in a term, as explained above.  You must submit your petition before the end of the final exam period. In your petition, you must include the following: 

  • Specify the nature of the work for which you require an extension 
  • Indicate the original due date, and any extensions previously granted to you. Submit email correspondence with the instructor as supporting document
  • Explain why you were unable to complete the work
  • Propose a reasonable plan for when you will complete the work, including a new deadline.
  • Submit details of any other term work you have to complete, and how much time you will be setting aside to complete it. This may include informal extensions or to write deferred exams. The expectation is that the extension is proportionate to the delay that prevented you from completing your work on time - for example, a two week extension is probably appropriate for a two week illness. 
  • Submit supporting documentation, including a copy of the course syllabus to support your petition and request for an extension.

Managing Your Time

Manage your time, and focus on successfully completing all of your final exams. While you wait for a decision to be made on your petition, you are expected to continue to complete the assignment. Do not wait for approval, and then begin working on your missed term work. If your petition is granted, you will be expected to submit the completed assignment within short notice.