Part-time OSAP

Funding is available for students registered in 1.0 credit or less per semester. For support, updates, assistance, and questions, please contact Enrolment Services at the University of Toronto.

Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance

The Noah Meltz Program helps eligible part-time undergraduate students finance their education through non-repayable grants for their tuition costs to a maximum of one credit, along with a tuition allowance, transportation and child-care costs. Students can apply for this grant once during the September to April study period, and once during the May to August study period.

Students will be considered for government grants or bursaries before being considered for the Meltz grant, and must be pursuing their degree on a part-time basis. Non-degree, international, visiting students, and students who are restricted from receiving government student aid for any reason (e.g, student loan defaults, loan overawards, academic progress) are not eligible for this funding.

More details on eligibility criteria and this program is available on the Enrolment Services website. 

Part-time OSAP LOANS

Apply for part-time funding on the OSAP website.  Students can apply for PT OSAP for the Fall or Winter or the Fall/Winter session (September to April), and once during the May to August study period. 

Students who are applying for part-time loans, and previously received full-time funding should be aware that the loan agreements for these programs are different. This means that when you enter repayment, you will be expected to manage two separate OSAP loan payments.

How to Submit Your Supporting Documents for PT OSAP

You will need to submit your Signature and Declaration pages and a copy of your 2016 Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency to complete your application.  You may also be asked to provide other documentation.  It is recommended that you submit all documentation at one time to avoid delays in the processing of your application. Clearly indicate the documentation is for PT OSAP. 

Documents may be submitted to the UTSC Registrar’s Office (AA142) or mailed to Enrolment Services at the St. George Campus.  Please allow at least 6 weeks to process your application. 

How to Receive your PT OSAP Funding

The PT OSAP program is different from the full time program.  After your application is assessed, the University will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from OSAP and it will outline both the funding details (the amount of loan and/or grants) and your intended part time course load. 

This certificate must be picked up from the Registrar's Office (AA142) during our business hours.  When you come to pick up your loan document you must present:

  • SIN card or appropriate proof of SIN; and
  • Valid government issued photo identification (driver’s licence, passport, etc).

You loan document will be released to you once we have verified your identity and confirmed that the course load on the document matches your course registration on ACORN. 

After picking up the certificate from our office, you will need to take it to a designated Canada Post outlet to negotiate it.  You will need to provide the same identification as above.  Your loan certificate will then be sent to the National Students Loan Service Centre (NSLSC).  Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the funds to be deposited into your bank account. 


Questions about your application should be directed to Enrolment Services at

Once you have dropped off the loan certificate for negotiation, direct all questions to the NSLSC at 1-888-815-4514. 

Part-time Canada Student Loan / Canada Grant Program

This is a federally funded program that assists part-time students with education expenses.


Maximum funding

A sole support parent with dependent children who are 11 years old or younger $1200
A student with a permanent disability who is studying below a 60% course load $3200
A student who is responsible for the primary physical and financial care of dependents requiring supervised care due to disability or age $1200