Personal Information Change Request


Request to Change First Name and Gender Form
Request to Change Surname Form

  • Updated Sept 22, 2023


We require that you are a UTSC Undergraduate or Alumni to submit a 'Personal Information Change Request.'  All other students would need to submit their request to the Registrar’s Office of their faculty.

All students requesting a personal information change (ie: gender or name change) must present 1 piece of valid Canadian government issued photo ID, or a valid international passport to begin the process. Please note: 

  • Photo on Canadian photo ID cannot be more than 5 years old.
  • OHIP cards will NOT be accepted. 
  • No other documents accepted.
  • Scanned original documents must be sent as individual .jpeg or .pdf files and be clear and legible when emailing. Student photocopies are not accepted.
  • Documents that are in a language other than English must have an official translation, with the seal and signature of the translator.

Type of Request: 

Change Gender Additional documents not required to support request
Add, Change, or Remove a Given or Middle Name(s) Additional documents not required to support request
Adding Accents/Special Characters for Diploma Printing Purposes Only Use the Name on Diploma Form instead
Change Given Name / Middle Name and Surname Additional documents required. See "Acceptable Documentation" below. 
Change only Surname Additional documents required. See "Acceptable Documentation" below. 
Fourth Name Change Request Made to the Registrar's Office All name changes after 3 require additional documents. See "Acceptable Documentation" below. 
Alumni Request for any changes to their name Additional documents required. See "Acceptable Documentation" below. 

Acceptable Documentation (when required):

  • Provincial Change of Name Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian certificate of Indian Status
  • Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate 
  • Court Order for Adoption 
  • Court Order for Proving a Name Change 
  • Completed Statutory Declaration Verified by a Notary Public 
  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID (Canadian only)
  • Foreign passport 

How to submit this form to the Registrar's Office

  • All personal information change forms and documentation must be scanned and emailed 

Implications of Name Changes to a Name Other Than Your Legal Name

It is the sole responsibility of the student to resolve or deal with issues resulting from a name change request submitted to the University of Toronto. Complications may arise with the verification of credentials and transcripts for job applications, student loans (OSAP/bank loans), taxes (T2202A), professional licensing bodies (law, dentistry, etc), and applications to other educational institutions. To avoid these issues, we advise you to consider changing your name back to your formal legal name before graduation. You may do so by submitting the form below to the Registrar's Office prior to Convocation, by the name change deadline.


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