Academic Suspension

An academic suspension is enforced after a student on academic probation or continuing on academic probation does not achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or higher in their most recent semester. When this requirement is not met, the University imposes a suspension to give you a break from your studies in order to seek adequate support, or give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your time commitments, priorities, and academic goals. While you are carrying out the term of your suspension, you will not be eligible to take courses.


  • First suspension:       4 months
  • Second suspension: 12 months
  • Third suspension:     36 months
  • Fourth suspension:   refused further registration at U of T

Returning from a Suspension

  1. Submit the Re-enrolment Request form. When you are nearing the end of your (first, second, or third) suspension, we recommend that you begin to prepare to return to your studies by meeting with an Academic & Learning Strategist at the Academic Advising & Career Centre to create an academic plan. Submit the Re-enrolment Request form by the appropriate deadline. 
  2. Create an academic plan. You will return to your studies on academic probation, which means that you are permitted to enrol in a maximum of 2 credits. We encourage you to think very carefully about the courses you select, as you will need to achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or better in order to continue your studies. You risk another suspension if your sessional GPA falls below 1.60.