Request to Enrol in 3.5 Credits


The standard course load at UTSC is 2.5 credits per semester. You may enroll in a maximum of 3 credits on ACORN and this is considered a heavy course load. UTSC students, in good standing, who wish to enroll in an additional half credit, must submit their request to the Registrar’s Office during the appropriate request period. 


You may not enroll in 3.5 credits if you are a:

  • BBA students. If you are seeking an exception in order to take more than 3 credits, please consult the instructions in the Calendar
  • Students on academic probation
  • Student who has been approved to write  a deferred exam from a previous semester
  • Student with any sort of course load restriction


  • To access the Request to Enrol in 3.5 Credits form please login to eServiceThe form will be found under requests when the request period is open.  You should include the full course code information for the additional course you are requesting in your submission.
  • Ensure that you meet all course requirements for the course you wish to enrol in and that space is available; this is your responsibility 
Semester Request Period
Summer 2023 S-session

 May 29 - June 28

Fall 2023

 August 4 - September 13

Winter 2024

 December 5 - January 16

How the decision will be communicated to you:

  • You will receive decisions regarding your request in eService