Summer Funding

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If You Received Full Time OSAP in the Fall and/or Winter Session

  • You can extend your full time funding for the Summer by submitting the OSAP Extension Application form online. This application is usually available in mid-March. Do not apply for Summer funding on the OSAP website.
  • You are eligible to extend your funding if you are participating in a Summer Abroad program and take one credit.
  • If you are studying on a part time basis for the summer term, you must complete a Part Time OSAP application on the OSAP website.

If You Did Not Receive OSAP in the Fall and/or Winter Session

  • Submit a new application on the OSAP website. In the program search field, type "Summer." If applicable, you must upload your signature pages and/or required documents to the OSAP website.


  • You must register in full-time studies.
  • Your study period must be at least 12 weeks in length (example: May to August).
  • Non-degree students, and June graduates are NOT eligible for Summer OSAP assistance.

Check Your Status 

Once you have submitted your application, check your status at the OSAP website for assessment details starting in late April. You will receive notifications from OSAP and the U of T Financial Aid Office regarding your status through your OSAP Message Centre. Make sure you check for messages every time you login to your OSAP account.

Going on Exchange?

Students going on a CIE Exchange for the summer must meet the same course load requirements as students studying on campus at UTSC. If you are studying for the entire summer you must be enrolled in at least 1.5 credits (1.0 credit for students with permanent disabilities & for students with persistent or prolonged disabilities). If you are studying for half the summer, you typically need to receive at least 1.0 credits (0.5 credits for students with permanent disabilities & for students with persistent or prolonged disabilities). When you submit your Summer OSAP application, you also will need to provide an Exchange Cover Sheet and proof of your study dates.

Not sure if your program qualifies? Contact us for help.


For best results, submit your Summer OSAP Extension or OSAP online application on or before (recommended deadline). Follow the directions on ACORN to request a fee deferral after your summer invoice appears in mid-April. Applications submitted after these deadlines will NOT be processed.

May - June (F section) extension May 13, 2024
May - August application on the OSAP website  June 24, 2024
May - August or July - August extension July 14, 2024
July - August (S section) extension July 14, 2024
Other applications 40 days before the end of your summer study period


Supporting documentation must be received no later than 40 days before the end of the study period:

  • For the May to June study period, the deadline is May 13, 2024.
  • For the May to August or the July to August study period, it is July 14, 2024.

Minimum Course Load Requirement for Full-Time Studies

General Requirement  
Study period Must enrol and pass a minimum of:
May to August 1.5 credits
May to June only* 1.0 credit
June to August only* 1.0 credit
Requirements for Students with Disabilities  
Study period Must enrol and pass a minimum of:
May to August 1.0 credit
May to June only* 0.5 credit
June to August only* 0.5 credit

Receiving Your Funding 

A few days before the start of your classes, OSAP will ask U of T to confirm your enrolment (your full-time status). You must be registered in the required course load, and you must have a status of "Registered" in the summer session on ACORN. Registration means that you've either made the minimum payment, or have received a fee deferral. Waitlist or interim courses are not counted towards your course load.

Students who applied by March 31, 2024 should receive their funding within the first two weeks of classes. When we confirm your full time status, the University takes a "snapshot" of your fees invoice and it will redirect your summer OSAP disbursement to pay off your summer fees. 

If the amount of OSAP funding exceeds the amount owing to U of T, the difference will be deposited into your bank account. If the OSAP funding is less than the fees owing, you are expected to pay the difference to the University.

It is extremely important to check that the information on your OSAP account matches your U of T fees account. For example, check the course load on OSAP and then compare it to the course load on ACORN. It should be the same. 

Also check the OSAP payments on your invoice to ensure the amount matches the details in OSAP. Remember your invoice is dynamic and the "snapshot" may have been done before you got into a waitlisted class. If this is the case, you will have to pay the difference to U of T from the funding that was sent to your bank account.

Need to make changes to your application information?

You will be able to make changes to a saved Summer OSAP Extension Application until you submit your application.

After your application is submitted, changes to your summer plans or circumstances must be provided to the Financial Aid office in writing.

Changes to Your Income:

  • Download and complete the Income & Asset Update for Full Time OSAP form. Read the accompanying Reference Guide for clarification OR
  • Provide a signed letter indicating the new total income for the summer study period, and indicate the source of the income (e.g. employment, scholarship) and upload the letter to the OSAP website.

Changes to Your Study Period:
If you want to change your study period (for example, changing from May-June to May-August or vice versa):

Other Changes and Updates:

Provide a signed letter indicating the information you wish to update.  Or you can use the Full Time OSAP Application Update Form.

Where to Submit Changes:

  • Upload the form or letter (as a pdf) to your OSAP account for fastest processing. You can upload documents in the Print/Upload section up to 40 days before the end of your term.

If you cannot upload the document to the OSAP website, you may submit it by email to Always use your U of T email account to submit documentation to our office.