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Cancelling your registration

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My ACORN Invoice

Shortly after you enroll in courses you will be able to view your invoice. For the Fall/Winter session you have access to your fees invoice starting in mid-July. For the Summer session the invoice is available in mid-April. Your fees invoice is only available online. U of T does not mail invoices.

Your invoice provides a detailed list of all the charges for the session. It is dynamic – it can change whenever you make changes to your course enrolment. It is important for you to check it on a regular basis.

To view your invoice, click on View Invoice on the dashboard after logging in to ACORN.

Need help? Get help with ACORN on the ACORN Help website. Look under the Finances section – How do I check my invoice?

Types of Charges on Your Invoice

You will find different type of charges listed on your invoice. The two main categories of charges are:

  1. Tuition Charges (course fees, incidental fees, etc.)
  2. Non-Tuition Charges (residence, service charges, etc)

For more information on these charges, please refer to the Finances section of our website. The explanation for these charges can be found in the Paying Your Fees section.   

How much do I owe?

View your invoice to see the total of all the charges for the academic session. You can find the total of all charges by displaying your invoice and then scrolling down to the bottom: CURRENT SESSION TUITION TOTAL CHARGES Total.

The current amount owing is shown at the top of the invoice: ROSI Account Balance up to the End of the Session. 

My First Payment – Final Step to Registration

At the start of the course enrolment period for each session, your registration status is Invited. You need to act in order to have it changed to Registered by the deadline to register. If your registration status doesn’t change by the deadline date you risk being removed from all the courses (financial cancellation).

You become Registered in one of two ways:

  1. Make your initial payment by the registration deadline; or
  2. Defer your initial payment by the registration deadline.

Please note: not all students are eligible to defer the initial payment. More information about deferring your fee payment can be found on our website. 

How much do I have to pay to get Registered?

The bottom of your detailed invoice will show you the minimum amount to pay in order to register. The amount required is typically 50% of the total charges for the session.

Students receiving financial assistance through a scholarship or government student aid may be eligible to defer this first payment.

My invoice has no charges but I’m enrolled in courses

If all of your courses are waitlisted and/or interim approval status, there will be no tuition charges on your invoice. There will be no required amount to register displayed. However, you still have to make a payment in order to change the registration status to Registered.

Steps to Follow

  1. Pay $311 plus any outstanding balance from a previous session (if applicable).
  2. Email the proof of payment to Subject Line: Registration Assistance – Your full name and Student Number. Your payment will not trigger registration and we will need to manually register you for the session.
  3. Allow a few days for processing your request. Monitor your registration status on your ACORN dashboard. Once it has changed to Registered, your spot in the waitlisted or interim approval course(s) will be saved.
  4. Once registered, monitor your status in the course(s) to ensure you have been approved to attend.

If you do not get into the course(s) and will not be taking any other courses you are eligible for a refund of your payment.

When is the registration deadline?

This information can be found on the Academic Dates section of our website


Owing fees from a previous session (Arrears)

Owing fees from a previous session will block registration. Students that owe fees from a previous session are not allowed to register until they clear their debt. Your invoice will display the total amount required to register and that amount includes the arrears.

How do I pay my fees?

In order to make a payment at a financial institution (bank), you will need your U of T account number (shown on your invoice as: ROSI Account). This account number is displayed on your invoice in the upper right-hand corner. Your account number is alpha-numeric. It consists of the first 5 letters of your surname + your U of T student number.

You can pay your fees:

  1. At your bank (online, telephone or ATM or in-person)
  2. By credit card on ACORN

International students can use WU GlobalPay for Student to make a payment to U of T.

Detailed information on how to make a fee payment can be found on our website. 

I’m receiving OSAP funding – Full-Time

The University will instruct OSAP to send funding to pay a portion of your fees. For students who applied for two semesters (Fall/Winter), OSAP releases funding in two installments: the first in September (early Fall) and the second in January.

Before OSAP releases any funding, the University must confirm your full-time registration in both the Fall and Winter semesters. This confirmation can happen as early as 10 days before the first day of classes in September and once again in early December for January.

For each confirmation, the University takes a “snapshot” of your fees invoice and based on the amount owing will instruct OSAP how much funding to send to us on your behalf. If the amount of the installment exceeds the amount owing to U of T, the difference will be deposited into your bank account. If the OSAP installment is less than the fees owing, you are expected to pay the difference from your own resources.

It is extremely important for you to check the information on your OSAP account and your U of T fees account each time OSAP funding is issued to you. Make sure the information on your OSAP account matches the information on your ACORN account. For example, check your course load on OSAP and then compare that to the course load on ACORN. It should be the same.

If you have any questions, please email a financial aid advisor at:

When do I make my payment?

You must make the initial payment on or before the Registration deadline (see above). You can make your first payment anytime after your invoice becomes available on ACORN.

If you still owe fees, subsequent payments are required after classes start. View those date on our website: Important Dates – Financial Deadlines.

After I make a payment

We recommend that you keep the receipt or proof of payment. Screenshots are acceptable if you made the payment online at your bank. Having this proof may help you if there is a problem with your payment.

  • It takes time for your payment to arrive in your fees account.
    • If you made the payment from a Canadian bank, it can take at least 2-3 business days. If you make your payment on a Friday, it will likely arrive in your account on the following Wednesday or Thursday.
    • If you made the payment by credit card on ACORN, allow 2 business days. 
    • If you made the payment through WU GlobalPay for Students, allow approximately 10 business days
  • Always check your registration status on ACORN to ensure that it changed to Registered after your payment arrives in your account.
    • Once your payment is received, the registration status will change from Invited to Registered
    • If it doesn’t change, you need to email your student number and proof of payment to our office: Please allow the appropriate time (see above). Only email us if the time has passed and your registration status is still Invited.

Financial Cancellation = Removal from courses

If your registration status on ACORN has not changed to Registered by the date below, you will be removed from all your courses. Being Financially Cancelled can be stressful. It will require additional time to request reinstatement (permission to re-enrol in courses) and there will be a late registration penalty. If you are financially cancelled due to non-payment of fees, you will receive an email with instructions on how to request reinstatement.

Students who are academically suspended can also have a registration status of Financially Cancelled. To check to see if this is the reason you have this status, login to ACORN and check Academic History. View the instructions on how to do this.

To view Financial Cancellation dates, visit the Financial Deadlines section of our website


Late Registration Penalty

We expect students to enroll for courses before the registration deadline. If you enrol in your first course after the registration deadline, you are subject to a late registration penalty. The amount of the late registration penalty increases each day to a maximum of $114 (subject to change without notice). 

This penalty also applies to students who are financially cancelled due to non-payment and wish to request reinstatement.

Payment of this fee is made through eService. You can email our office for more information:

Fee Deferral

Students who are receiving government student aid or a scholarship for the upcoming session will not have access to their funds by the registration deadline. If you are eligible, the University will allow you to register without making the required minimum payment listed on your invoice.

When we approval a request to defer the first payment, is it based upon you having proof that you will be receiving a scholarship or government student aid to help you pay your fees. It is your promise to pay the University at a later date once your student loan or scholarship arrives.

There is a certain period during which students make a request to defer the initial payment.

For more information on fee deferral request period, or eligibility requirements, see our website – Deferring Your Fees.

How to request a fee deferral

During the fee deferral request period, most student will be able to make their request through ACORN.

Scholarship recipients must make a request for a fee deferral by completing a form and then emailing it to our office. For more information, please see our website – Deferring Your Fees.

After I request a fee deferral

  • When you make a request through ACORN, you will receive an immediate reply: approval or refusal.
    • After a message of Approved, always check your registration status on ACORN to ensure that it changed to Registered
    • If you are refused, try again in one to two days. 
  • When you make a request manually – by emailing us a defferal form, it can take at least 3 business days. If you don’t see your registration status change to Registered within one week of your request, send a follow-up email to our office:

If you continue to see a registration status of Invited and you are sure of your eligibility, you can email our office: for assistance. Please ensure that you include your full name and U of T student number in your email.

Cancelling your registration

If you decide that you are no longer able to study in a particular semester, there is no formal withdrawal process. To cancel registration in a particular session you need to drop all of your courses. To drop courses, you must login to ACORN. When you drop your last course, you will be asked if you want to cancel your registration. Cancelling your registration will block course enrolment privileges for that particular session. 

To avoid a minimum charge, drop all of your courses before the academic session begins. If you drop courses on or after the first day of the academic session, the University will charge you a minimum charge. Please note that you may incur more charges if you drop your classes after a certain date. 

If you cancel your registration by mistake, immediately contact our office at:

Adjustments to your invoice

If you are thinking of dropping a course, or dropping from full-time to part-time studies, the refund schedule deadlines will determine whether you are eligible for a refund. It is important to base your decisions on the correct schedule for your year and program. The day you drop a course on ACORN determines whether you are eligible for any adjustment to your fees. 

UTSC students must follow the UTSC financial and academic deadlines regardless of which campus the course takes place on (unless otherwise stated).

For students who have received OSAP, reducing your course load can also impact your funding. This is especially important if you applied for full-time funding but you are dropping to a part-time course load. You are advised to contact a financial aid advisor to discuss the consequences of a lesser course load.

UTSC Refund Schedule

A refund schedule is posted for each academic session on the website of the Office of Student Accounts. We recommend that you download this schedule and familiarize yourself with the different deadlines. When you view this schedule, you will notice different charts. Each chart has information about deadline dates applicable to UTSC students. There is a refund schedule for:

  1. Category 1A - Academic Fees – use this chart if your invoice has been assessed by course (there is a separate charge for each course you enrolled in)
  2. Category 1B - Academic Fees – use this chart if your invoice has been assessed as a single rate or program fee – applicable to students in Computer Science and Management (starting in Year 2 of studies)
  3. Category 2 – Incidental Fees (Campus and Student Society)
  4. Category 3 – Ancillary Fees (fees for specific courses, such as lab fee)
  5. Category 4 – Other Fees (System Access fee and University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP))

Fee and Refund Questions

The refund schedule is published in advance of refund deadlines and cannot be adjusted due to student error. An exception to the refund schedule will be considered only when there is evidence of an error on the part of the University. 

Tuition Refunds

When your fees invoice has a credit balance, you may be eligible for a refund. You will know you have a credit balance if you see a “CR” after the amount displayed on your invoice (at the top). 

More details about refund can be found on our website - Refunds