Return Early from an Academic Suspension

We understand that being on academic suspension is unwelcomed news. Please know that you have the support of the University at this time, and we would like for you to use this time to seriously consider and work through the circumstances that led to your suspension. Taking the time to evaluate your situation and placing strategies in place will help you to move in the direction of future success and towards good academic standing.

Students are advised to work closely with an Academic & Learning Strategist at the Academic Advising & Career Centre before submitting this type of petition.

A strong petition will:

  • Provide a thorough explanation for the circumstances that led to your suspension.
  • Demonstrate improvement and show insights about the circumstances and show how this improvement will help you to be successful if you are granted the opportunity to return to your studies early.
  • Include a strong academic plan that outlines specific details such as courses that you will take and activities that you will engage in, to support your progress.
  • Include strong supporting documents to corroborate your petition statement.

The following submission deadlines will be adhered to in reviewing petitions seeking an early return for the sessions indicated.

Petitions may be submitted at any time before the deadlines below and as soon as you are ready to submit them.

Earlier submissions will be reviewed on a continuous basis. Each petition will be reviewed on its own merit, and we do not have a limit on the number of spots granted for an early return from suspension in each session.

Submission Deadlines  
November 15 Winter 
March 15 Summer 
August 15 Fall