Inbound Exchange

H Wing in the autumn

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Toronto Scarborough as an Exchange student! In addition to your offer of admission letter, you have received an email with instructions regarding your course enrolment. Please read both emails thoroughly before using the Course Registration Form to submit your course enrolment requests. 

One-on-One Support

We've created a frequently asked questions section below. If your question has not been answered below, we are happy to help you! 

Please be sure to include your full name and student number on any email exchanges.

Courses with Limited Spaces

The following is a list of high demand courses where there are very few spaces available for exchange students: 

  • Selected Biology courses: BIOA11H3F, BIOB12H3S, BIOB32H3S, BIOB35H3S, BIOC10H3S, BIOC14H3S, BIOC17H3S, BIOC23H3S, BIOC62H3S, BIOD17H3S, BIOD19H3S, BIOD23H3F, BIOD26H3F, BIOD27H3F, BIOD29H3S, BIOD33H3S, BIOD48H3F, BIOD43H3S, BIOD65H3F/S
  • All City Studies C and D-level courses
  • ENGA10
  • ENGA11
  • FREA96
  • FREA97
  • All Geography GGR D-level courses
  • All Health Studies courses 
  • LGGA80
  • LGGA81
  • LGGA60*
  • LGGA61*
  • All B, C and D-level Management courses
  • Neuroscience C-level courses, specifically: NROC60H3, NROC63, NROC64
  • Neuroscience D-level courses 
  • Selected Political Science courses: POLB30H3, POLC32H3. POLC36H3, POLC38H3, POLC39H3, POLC56H3, POLC68H3, POLD30H3, POLD42H3, POLD45H3
  • All Psychology C-level courses with a lab component: PSYC70, PSYC71, PSYC72, PSYC73, PSYC74, PSYC75, PSYC76
  • Psychology D-level courses

* You are required to take a Placement test beforehand. Please see the Centre for French & Linguistics website for more details. 

The courses listed above are based on the experiences from students this past year. This is not a complete list, as many popular courses tend to get full quickly.