Technology issues during an exam

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What to do before the exam:

  • If possible, connect to the internet using an ethernet cable. It is also a good idea to have data in case your internet goes out. 

  • Save a physical copy of the Student Helpdesk’s phone number and email address, or add them as a contact in your phone:

  • Save the contact information for your course instructor and TA. Create physical copies or digital copies you can access without the internet. 

  • Communicate with your instructor before the exam on what tools are allowed, be aware of the specific instructions on each exam software and what your professor prefers you to do if you encounter technical difficulties. 

  • If allowed, be ready to copy and paste your answers into a backup file throughout the exam, either in a Word document (remember to save it frequently or turn on the AutoSave feature) or another program that will save your work. 

  • Check the AA&CC’s tips for writing an online exam, including Quercus-specific tutorials and resources. 

If you encounter technical issues such as an internet outage or computer failure during an exam:

STEP ONE: Contact the Student Helpdesk at 416-287-4357 or AND take screenshots of your issue that include the date and time.

STEP TWO: Email your course instructor and TA (if your course includes one) immediately with the unofficial copy of your answers. If you have lost internet access, write your email and take a screenshot that includes the date and time. Send the email as soon as possible. 

Your course instructor will decide whether to accept the late submission.

STEP THREE: If your course instructor does not accept a late submission of your final exam, you may submit a petition via eService. In your petition statement:

  • Explain briefly the technical difficulties you encountered

  • Indicate the date and time you contacted IITS Student Helpdesk

  • Include the date and time you submitted the exam to your course instructor

  • Include a strong personal statement to demonstrate your reason for late submission

Strong petitions have supporting documents. Upload them in eService within five business days when you submit your petition. Include as many supporting documents as you can provide, including but not limited to: 

  • Screenshots of the technical issue encountered 

  • Any email correspondence with the Student Helpdesk

  • Any email correspondence with the course instructor

  • A copy of your unofficial answers