Tuition Fees

For a comprehensive list of tuition fees for all programs at UTSC, please visit the Office of Student Accounts website. Detailed information for programs that pay per course, or by program fee fees is available.

By enrolling in one or more programs at UTSC, students assume responsibility for understanding and paying their fees. There are a number of financial aid programs available to support you, including bursaries at UTSC. Our Financial Aid Advisors are also available Monday - Thursday for drop-in appointments if you have questions or concerns. 

Deferring Your Fees

A fee deferral will register you without making a tuition payment. This is a special arrangement between you and the University if you cannot make the minimum tuition payment by the registration deadline for the upcoming session.


The quickest and easiest way to receive a refund from U of T is by opting in to the direct deposit option. The UTSC refund schedule informs you of whether you're eligible to receive a refund if you drop a course by the appropriate date.