Final Exams

Click here to access the UTSC final exam schedule, along with exam policies, your rights and responsibilities and more.  

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Exam Schedule Conflicts

Students with conflicts in their final exam schedule must submit an exam conflict request via eService during the notification period; there is no guarantee late requests can be accommodated. Requests will be resolved and viewable on eService three business days before the conflict date. Once your exam is rescheduled, you cannot write the exam at the originally scheduled time. An exam conflict request is not revocable. If you drop the course, your conflict resolution will be cancelled. For more information and deadlines to declare a conflict, visit the Exam Conflicts page.

Students are expected to write their final exams at the end of each session and are strongly discouraged from missing a final exam. If you are ill or circumstances arise that absolutely prevent you from attending a final exam, you must submit a petition statement and supporting documents within 5 business days from the date of the missed examination. 

Carefully read our page on deferred exams to view the required steps to petition to defer a final exam. Note that petitions can take 6-8 weeks minimum to be processed but sometimes require additional time during peak periods, such as final exams.  

Make sure you discuss the academic consequences of missing a final exam with an Academic and Learning Strategist at the Academic Advising & Career Centre or the Front Line Team at the Registrar’s Office. 

Support appropriate supporting documentation within 5 business days from the date of the missed examination.

Course Load for Students with Deferred Exams 

We encourage you to create a balanced and manageable course schedule. Deferring an exam can have implications on your overall academic progress and we recommend a reduced course load to help you manage your performance. You can speak with an Academic & Learning Strategist at the Academic Advising and Career Centre to make an informed decision about your course load. 

*Updated Dec 18, 2023