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Degree Types at UTSC Following the Correct Calendar
Assessment Graduating with Distinction
Planning Tools & Support   

Degree Types at UTSC

  • Bachelor Business Administration
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • Honours Bachelor of Science

When you confirm your intent to graduate in ACORN, the degree with which you intend to graduate will be listed in ACORN. If your degree information is incorrect, please contact graduation.utsc@utoronto.ca.

Note: Three-year bachelor degrees at UTSC may be obtained only by students who began their studies before Summer 2004 for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.


Students are required to meet both their program and degree requirements in order to be eligible to graduate. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will successfully meet these requirements as you plan your courses each semester. Once you submit your request to graduate on ACORN, a full audit and assessment of your degree will take place to ensure that you are eligible to graduate.

Planning tools and support:

Following the Correct Calendar

  • Follow the program requirements listed in the Calendar for the session that you enrolled in the program, or subsequent Calendar. For example, if you enrolled into a program in the Summer of 2012, you may follow the program requirements in the 2012-2013 Calendar, or any subsequent Calendar.
  • Follow the degree requirements in the Calendar of the academic year that you were admitted to UTSC as a degree student. For example, if you were admitted to UTSC beginning September 2015, you would follow the degree requirements listed in the 2015-2016 Calendar.

Graduating with Distinction

You will automatically be considered for the following notation on your diploma: 

  • High Distinction: granted to students whose cumulative grade point average is between 3.5 - 4.0
  • Distinction: granted to students whose cumulative grade point average is between 3.2 - 3.49