Award Conditions

Award Conditions

University of Toronto Scarborough Conditions

The availability and monetary value of all scholarships are subject to change. UTSC reserves the right to change the value and eligibility criteria for awards without notice. In order to receive the monetary portion of an award or scholarship, a student must be registered at UTSC in the following year. Scholarships are not transferable, and cannot be applied toward costs at another institution, or another college or faculty at U of T. Payment of a scholarship may be deferred for one year for any student who does not register for the following academic year, but is intending to return to UTSC. Students who require a deferral may notify our office in writing two weeks from the day that they are notified of their award. Depending on the value of the scholarship and number of courses taken, a portion of it will be placed in a trust for one academic year. Co-op students who are completing their work-term in the Fall and/or Winter sessions will have their payment deferred, and it will be released to them upon their return to a full-time course load.


  • Entrance scholarships are credited to your student account in October on ACORN. Incoming students who have been awarded an entrance scholarship can review their criteria on the Admissions & Student Recruitment website.
  • In-course awards are credited to your student account in October on ACORN. If you have been awarded a scholarship that is based on enrolment in a specific program, you must remain in that program to receive the award.

University of Toronto scholarships are credited directly to your student account on ACORN to reduce your owing tuition balance. If you paid your fees in full prior to receiving the monetary value of your scholarship, the value of your scholarship will be credited to your account, and it will be refunded to you automatically. If the value of your scholarship is greater than your owing tuition balance, it will be applied toward your outstanding balance, and any remaining funds will be refunded to you.