Government Grants

Ontario Distance Grants

Full-time students from remote and rural areas who incur travel costs as a result of attending a publically funded college or university in Ontario can apply on the OSAP website.

Commuter grant is intended for full-time post-secondary students with who live 80 kilometres or more from the closest publicly-assisted college or university in Ontario. The value of this grant is $500 per term, to a maximum of $1500 per academic year

Travel grant provides aid to full-time students who must move away from their parent's home located in remote or rural areas in Ontario in order to pursue and attend post-secondary studies. The value of this grant is $300 per academic year.

Ontario First Generation Bursary

If you are the first in your family to pursue a post-secondary education, we encourage you to apply for this bursary! Applications are available for full-time students during the Fall and Winter sessions on eService. Please complete the UTSC Bursary application in full, and you will find a section specifically for the Ontario First Generation Bursary.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities

If you are registered with AccessAbility Services, please inquire about this bursary. You may also be eligible for the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE).

Additional OSAP Grants

When you apply for OSAP, you are always considered for grant funding first. Using the information you provide on your application, you will be assessed for eligibility for the following grants automatically:

  • Canada Student Grant for Persons with Permanent Disabilities
  • Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students with Dependents
  • Canada Student Grant for Persons from Low-Income Families
  • Canada Student Grant for Persons from Middle Income Families
  • Canada Student Grant for Persons with Dependents
  • Child Care Bursary
  • Living and Learning Grant (LLG)
  • Ontario Access Grant – Year 1 and 2 Only
  • Ontario Access Grant for Crown Wards