U of T Grading Scheme

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Grade Point Averages (GPA)

The average of the courses you took in your most recent semester (Fall, Winter, or Summer) is your sessional GPA. Your cumulative GPA is the average of all the courses you have passed or failed at UTSC.

Your sessional GPA is an indication of your academic performance in any given session that you take classes. It's essential that you use this evaluation to reflect on whether you've made good academic decisions. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • Are you in the right program?
  • Did you take too many courses?
  • Are you working or volunteering too many hours a week?
  • Do you need to work on your study habits?

If you need to make some improvements, utilize student support services on campus to help you meet your short-term and long-term goals. If you're pleased with your grades, well done! Make it a habit to check your final grades at the end of each semester under Complete Academic History on ACORN.

The grading scale is listed below:

Grade Grade point value Percentage Definition
A+ 4.0 90-100 Excellent
A 4.0 85-89  
A- 3.7 80-84  
B+ 3.3 77-79 Good
B 3.0 73-76  
B- 2.7 70-72  
C+ 2.3 67-69 Adequate
C 2.0 63-66  
C- 1.7 60-62  
D+ 1.3 57-59 Marginal
D 1.0 53-56  
D- 0.7 50-52  
F 0.0 0-49 Inadequate; no credit obtained
Credit / No Credit courses
CR No GPA impact notations for Credit / No Credit courses Credit obtained (requires 50% or above)
NCR No GPA impact notations for Credit / No Credit courses No credit obtained
NC% 0.0 No value No credit obtained
Pass / Fail courses
P No value Pass
FL% No value No credit obtained

Grades of 'F', 'NC%', and 'FL%' are failing grades, yielding no standing in a course and no degree credit. A numerical score on an assignment is not deemed to be automatically equivalent to the corresponding letter grade.