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See the Fall 2023 - Winter 2024 Refund Schedule here!
Note: The Summer 2024 Refund Schedule is forthcoming.

Refunds are automatically issued in November, March and late June to students who have a credit (CR) balance on their invoice. A credit balance is indicated by CR immediately following the dollar amount.

Please note that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Direct deposit refunds are processed within 1-2 business days.
  • Cheques will be processed once a week and are mailed by Canada Post.
  • Full details are available on the Student Accounts Office website.

How to receive your refund

The quickest and safest way to receive a refund is by direct deposit. You can opt-in by adding your bank information on ACORN. Click here to learn how.

Automatic Refund Timelines

The University will automatically determine if you are eligible for a refund and will issue refunds to eligible students during the year on the following schedule: 

OSAP Students

  • last two weeks of October 
  • last week of February
  • first week of March 
  • last two weeks of June

All Other Students

  • late October to early November
  • late February to early March
  • late June

Requesting a Refund

If you are requesting a refund outside of the scheduled dates listed above, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your mailing address on ACORN is accurate
  • Make sure your bank account information on ACORN is accurate.
  • Before making a refund request there’s some important information you should read here.

OSAP Recipients

If you’ve received full-time OSAP for the current term, and you have a credit balance in ACORN, you should request a refund through ACORN.

  • If you are eligible for a refund due to a credit balance on your account, click on the blue bar on your ACORN dashboard to access the OSAP Refund Request Form.
  • During peak periods, processing may take more than 2 weeks due to the volume of requests.
  • If you don’t have access in ACORN try this direct link. If you still can’t make the request, please email a financial aid advisor at: Please include your student number and full name in your email.
  • Your questions or concerns about a refund can be sent to a financial aid advisor at: Please include your student number and full name in your email.

Refund Assessments for OSAP Recipients

The Financial Aid Office at UTSC will determine your eligibility for the refund. Before U of T issues a refund, we must verify the information on your OSAP application with ACORN.  Your OSAP funding may be adjusted upon this review.  We will also check to see if you received UTAPS, or any type of scholarship or bursary.  The financial aid advisor will determine who receives the refund. We refund in the follow priority:

  1. Repayment to a U of T award or scholarship program (if you are no longer eligible the funding),
  2. Repayment to National Student Loans Service Centre to reduce your outstanding loans,
  3.  You

All Other Students (non-OSAP)

Contact the Office of Student Accounts by email at: Please include your full name and U of T student number on all inquiries.

Fee and Refund Questions

The refund schedule is published in advance of refund deadlines and cannot be adjusted due to student error. An exception to the refund schedule will be considered only when there is evidence of an error on the part of the University. 

Click here to review payment and refund deadlines.