Financial Aid

Our financial aid programs are designed to support you and our team of financial aid experts can help you figure out your budget and the funding opportunities available to you. 

Use the financial planning calculator to help predict your cost of living for the year, this will help you plan and budget your finances. 

Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP)
OSAP provides financial assistance to eligible Ontario students to help them pay for their education. Funding is available to eligible students who are studying on a full-time or part-time basis. 

How to Apply for OSAP 
We’ve created a step-by-step online guide (see link above) to help you understand the application process from start to finish. To receive your funds by the first day of school, apply and submit all required documents at least one to two months before classes begin. Visit the OSAP website to learn more.

It can take up to 6 weeks to process your application and supporting documents in full. Possible reasons for delays in receiving your funding include: applying late, missing required documents, or documents that cannot be approved. 

After You Apply 

  • You will receive a confirmation message on your OSAP account.
  • If required, print any supporting documents necessary to complete your application. Submit them immediately. You have the option to upload a pdf of the supporting document to your OSAP account or you can submit documents to the Office of the Registrar for processing. 
  • Check your status on the OSAP website. 

OSAP Application Deadlines

Your Study Period Deadline to apply if Requesting a Deferral Deadline without Deferral 
Fall 2020 Apply by June 30 Apply by October 23 (Fall only)
Fall 2020-Winter 2021 Apply by June 30 Apply between June 1 - Feb 22 
Winter 2021 Apply by September 30 Apply between June 1 - Feb 22

U of T Financial Support 

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS)
UTAPS is a grant program designed to assist students who have unmet financial need. OSAP recipients are automatically considered for this grant, while out-of-province and indigenous students must submit an application using the link above. UTAPS is available for the Fall, Winter and Summer sessions. After an assessment is made, qualifying students will see UTAPS funding deposited directly to their ACORN account.  

UTSC Grant/Bursary
Applications are available for full-time students during the Fall, Winter and Summer sessions through eService and must be submitted during the application period. Visit our website for more information.  

Work-Study Program
A wide variety of career- related, part-time jobs are available at U of T. Work- study is a great way to gain new experiences, network within your community, and develop transferable skills that you can utilize in and outside the classroom. Successful applicants are eligible to work up to 15 hours per week and these positions do not impact your OSAP funding. Positions are open to domestic and international students! 

Financial Support from the Government

Provincial / Territorial Loan Programs
If you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or protected person, you may be eligible for financial assistance from your provincial or territorial governments. Applications are usually available in late May or early June. 

Indigenous Students 
Indigenous Students (First Nations – Status or non-Status, Inuit and Métis) may qualify for a variety of financial support for university studies. For more information please refer to the Student Life website under Financial Assistance. 

Ontario First Generation Bursary (OFG)
Students who are the first generation in their family to pursue post-secondary education are eligible for this bursary. To apply for this bursary, complete the UTSC bursary application on eService. There is a section for the OFG. It requires your declaration and confirmation that you are the first generation in your family to attend university. This bursary is only available in the Fall and/or Winter semesters.  

Appeals, Questions & Support
If you have concerns about your funding amount, speak to a Financial Aid Advisor at the Office of the Registrar immediately. You may be eligible for a reassessment, and receive additional funding. Questions about the application process, your finances, budget, appeals or other topics related to funding your education can also be supported at the by our Financial Aid Advisors and Front Line Team.