Eligible Course Loads

Ahmed Allahwala leads seminar class

Full-time and Part-time Course Loads

  • Full-time studies: a standard course load is 2.5 credits per semester, although students who enrol in 1.5 credits or more are considered full-time. If you wish to graduate in four years, you must pass 2.5 credits in two of the three semesters (Fall, Winter, Summer).
  • Part-time studies: 0.5 - 1.0 credit per semester.

Students on Academic Probation

  • Students placed on probation may not exceed a course load of 2.0 credits per session.
  • Upon notification of probation, students enrolled in future sessions must drop all courses above the 2.0 credits maximum. Failure to do so within 7 days of notification of standing on ACORN will result in removal from the most recently added course(s) above 2.0 credits.
  • Consider your courses strategically to ensure your success. If your sessional GPA falls below 1.60, you will be placed on academic suspension.

Students with Deferred Exams

Reducing your course load

If you request permission to defer an exam, you do so with the understanding that your workload will be increased. We encourage you to create a balanced and manageable course schedule. Deferring an exam can have implications on your overall academic progress and we recommend a reduced course load to help you manage your performance. You can speak with an Academic & Learning Strategist at the Academic Advising and Career to make an informed decision about your course load. 

Students on Academic Suspension

  • Not eligible to enrol in courses until the term of the suspension has been carried out.

*Updated November 23, 2023