Eligible Course Loads

Ahmed Allahwala leads seminar class

Full-time and Part-time Course Loads

  • Full-time studies: a standard course load is 2.5 credits per semester, although students who enrol in 1.5 credits or more are considered full-time. If you wish to graduate in four years, you must pass 2.5 credits in two of the three semesters (Fall, Winter, Summer).
  • Part-time studies: 0.5 - 1.0 credit per semester.

Students on Academic Probation

  • Enrol in a maximum of 2.0 credits per semester.
  • Your enrolment will be monitored to ensure that you are not enrolled in more than 2.0 credits.
  • If you exceed the limit, you will be notified, and given a deadline by which to modify your course load. If you miss the deadline, you will be removed from all your courses without further notice.
  • Consider your courses strategically to ensure your success. If your sessional GPA falls below 1.60, you will be placed on academic suspension.

Students with Deferred Exams

If you request permission to defer an exam, you do so with the understanding that you will be required to take a reduced course load in the next semester. If your petition is approved, your enrolment in the next semester will be monitored to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct number of courses (see chart below). If you are enrolled in more courses than allowed, you will be notified and instructed to adjust your course load immediately. If you continue to be in violation of the course load restriction, you will be removed from all courses without further notice; there is no guarantee that spaces will be available if you try to add them back.

Value of your deferred exam(s) Your maximum course load in the next semester
0.5 credit 2.0 credits
1 credit 1.5 credits
1.5 credits 1 credit
2 credits 0.5 credit
2.5 credits Not permitted to enrol in any courses

Students on Academic Suspension

  • Not eligible to enrol in courses until the term of the suspension has been carried out.