Supporting Documents

** See Absence Declaration on ACORNClick here for additional information on the process.

In most cases, you will need to provide original documentation to accompany your petition to verify the details you provided in your petition statement on eService. If you indicated that you will be providing supporting documentation, your request will not be processed until your documentation is received.

Effective March 13, 2020 and until further notice, we have created a new email address for the sole purpose of document submission. We are accepting scanned documents to be submitted online to the UTSC Petitions Office at regpetitions.utsc@utoronto.caPlease include in your petition statement that you have submitted documentation to the provided email address.

Please ensure forms are accurate and complete before submission as our frontline staff will not be reviewing documents before submission. 

To submit documents:

  • All documents must be submitted in a PDF format only
  • In subject line of e-mail include petition number (e.g. PT12345) and student number

Deadline to submit your documents

For deferring an exam, you may use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool as your supporting documents; read the Deferred Exam page for more information.

If you are submitting additional documents, please write your petition reference number on the upper right hand corner of all your documents. Please scan the original document and send it to If you are submitting scanned documents, include your name, student number and petition number (e.g. PT12345) in the email subject line.

We strongly encourage you to submit your documents at the same time as your submit your petition on eService. If documents are not immediately available, you have up to 5 business days from the date of your petition to submit the documents.

Students who are graduating in June and submitting a petition in April , or those who are graduating in November and submitting a petition in August, must submit their supporting documents in 3 business days due to time-sensitivity towards graduation.

While documents are submitted online, we may ask you to bring in the original documents upon request, so please keep them on file.

Note: For FURTHER DEFERRED EXAMS please see:

Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form

If you are submitting a petition for a deferred exam, you should use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool as your supporting documents. You may submit additional documents if you feel they support your petition. 

If you are submitting a different petition due to illness or injury, your supporting documents may include the Verification of Illness or Injury Form and other relevant documents to support your petition statement. If you are using Verification of Illness or Injury Form, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible to verify that you were ill at the time of your illness or injury, not afterwards. This form can only be completed by the following practitioners: physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, psychologist, dental surgeon. Generic doctors' notes will not be accepted.

Students registered with AccessAbility Services at UTSC

If your current illness or injury is not related to your AccessAbility Services registration (e.g., the flu), use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool or U of T Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form. 

If your current illness or injury is directly connected to a registered disability with AccessAbility, please contact your Disability Consultant as soon as you experience a new occurrence that interferes with your academic obligations to discuss which supporting documents you should submit.

Other documentation

Aside from medical documentation, other statements can certainly be relevant to support the statement you provided in your petition, such as:

  • A death certificate or funeral notice

  • A police accident report

  • A travel ticket, itinerary and/or email confirming date of booking (only essential travel is eligible) 

  • A letter from your employer if you have to work

Documents that are in a language other than English must have an official translation, with the seal and signature of the translator.

Forging documents

Under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, the University of Toronto reserves the right to enact tribunal sanctions for students who are convicted of forging documents. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Suspension from attendance in a course, or courses, a program, an academic unit or division, or the University for such a period of time up to five years as may be determined by the Tribunal. 

  • Expulsion from the University by recommendation by the Tribunal to the President and Governing Council. Expulsion shall mean that the student shall be denied any further registration at the University in any program, and the student's academic record and transcript shall record this sanction permanently.