Final exam dates

Session Exam dates Deferred exam periods
Fall 2021 F Courses
Dec. 9 - 21, 2021
(including Sundays,
Dec. 12 and 19)

2021 Summer deferred exam period: Dec. 7 - 21, 2021

Winter 2022 Y & S Courses

April 13 - April 29, 2022

2021 Fall deferred exam period: April 9 - 29, 2022

While every effort is made to avoid scheduling exams on Sundays, the University reserves the right to do so.



UTSC's final exam schedule is posted here. Click to see when and where your exams are held. Check regularly for updates!
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Declare your final exam conflicts on eService by the deadline to notify us of the issue.
Students are expected to write their final exams at the end of their courses and are strongly discouraged from missing a final exam.
Missed your exam? Learn about the petition process, and the steps to take to request approval to write a deferred exam
Final exams are a stressful time for all students. Here are some great support services at UTSC to help get you through the final weeks.
What to do before the exam: