Course Enrolment

To plan your upcoming semester, you will need:

  1. The UTSC Calendar to find detailed information about your program requirements, and course descriptions for every course at UTSC.
  2. The Timetable will be your go-to resource to help you figure out when courses are offered, how many lecture meeting sections there are for you to choose from, and whether there are important enrolment information pieces you need to know.
  3. Our website is your companion for course enrolment, registration, financial information, and more. It's a resource you can't go without.
  4. ACORN is your go-to website to help keep all areas of your student life organized - from course enrolment, registration, viewing your academic history, to managing your financial information, and student life.


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Tentative list of courses offered for upcoming semesters.
UTSC students interested in taking courses at other universities, and wish to receive credit for their efforts have several opportunities.