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How to enrol in courses

STEP 1: Determine Your Course Load 

Students who expect to graduate within four years should plan to take 2.5 credits in two of the three sessions offered each year. 

  • Full-time = 1.5 credits or more per session
  • Part-time = fewer than 1.5 credits per session

Summer, Fall, Winter Semesters
UTSC offers a trimester system. This gives you the flexibility to pursue your education based on a schedule that works best for you throughout the year. NOTE: If you were approved to write a deferred exam from a previous session, your course load is restricted in the next session. Refer to the Deferred Exam chart for course load information.

STEP 2: Find Courses Using the UTSC Academic Calendar

The Calendar provides the course codes used to sign up for courses on ACORN. Each course has a synopsis of what the course will be about, along with prerequisites, corequisites, exclusions, breadth requirement category and additional information.

As you browse the Calendar, write down course codes (and titles) you need for your program in the upcoming year.

You should also note courses outside your program for potential electives. Consult the Course Timetable (see below) to determine whether a course is offered as courses may not be available every session.

STEP 3: Build Your Schedule Using the Timetable

  1. Visit the Timetable website to search for courses.
  2. Select your session. 
  3. Filter your search. You can search by discipline, course code, course level, instructor and more. Click “Search for Courses.”
  4. Read enrolment controls and course information.

STEP 4: Plan with the Enrolment Cart 

Use the enrolment cart on ACORN to save courses and activity sections you intend to enrol in. You will not be automatically enrolled in these courses when your start time begins – you must return to your cart and click “ENROL” to officially add the courses, otherwise they will remain in your enrolment cart.

STEP 5: Enrol in courses on ACORN when your start time begins on your enrolment date

  1. Select “Enrol & Manage” from the Academics menu and select the right session.
  2. Click “Courses,” type the course code in the search field and click the course you want.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Select a lecture, then a tutorial and/or practical section (if applicable). 
  4. Click “Enrol,” ACORN will confirm if your enrolment was successful or if there is no space remaining. You can also enrol from your enrolment cart.

When to enrol in courses

Enrol in all your desired courses when your course enrolment start date and time begins. Your start time will depend on your year of study and can be found in academic dates. Degree students can login to ACORN to check their start time by clicking on “Enrol & Manage” from the Academics Menu. Your start time will indicate when you can begin adding courses. 

You can make changes to your timetable before the semester begins, but you should enrol early as courses fill quickly. 

It’s a good idea to have backup courses in case some are full. Use the Timetable to ensure there are no conflicts in your schedule.

Is your enrolment blocked? 

If your start time has begun but you cannot add a course, don’t panic! Read the enrolment controls and information tabs on the Timetable for details, such as enrolment controls. For certain courses, enrolment controls limit initial enrolment to eligible students. Some courses may allow you  to enrol after a certain date if you do not meet the initial criteria, other controls may not be lifted.


If a lecture section is full, you can add yourself to a waitlist (if available). The waitlist is an electronic queue that lets you get into a class if space becomes available. View your rank on the waitlist in ACORN, your position may change. ACORN will automatically enrol you in the course if space becomes available and you are next on the list. 

You will be responsible for the new course fee, which will be visible on your invoice as soon as you are enrolled in the course. You should check your invoice and timetable on ACORN frequently to monitor changes. There is no fee to waitlist a course. 

You can waitlist a maximum of 1.0 credits per session, which counts toward your total course load for that session. If you no longer want to take a course, remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being added and charged fees. 

Some courses have multiple lecture sections. You cannot enrol in one lecture section then get on the waitlist for a different lecture section of the same course.


Try to finalize your courses by the end of the first week of classes. Your schedule should not have meeting sections at the same time - these are conflicts. Conflicts will be highlighted in red and must be adjusted.

If you choose to keep a conflict in your schedule, you do so at risk of missing important term work, course content and tests. Accommodations due to course conflict are not guaranteed. If you have a conflict, we recommend you notify both course instructors as soon as possible.

Dropping a course

If you no longer want a course, drop it on ACORN immediately using the “Courses” tab. Click the gear next to the course title, and select “Drop Course” from the drop-down. You are responsible for any fees associated with a course, even if you have not attended any lectures, tutorials or practicals.

There is a period when you can drop courses without academic penalty and have them removed from your academic history/transcript, found in Academic Dates. There are also multiple refund deadlines depending on when you drop a course, found in the Refund Schedule.

Modifying Course Meeting Sections

Once enrolled in a course, you can change your meeting section on ACORN until the last day to add courses for that session. Once the deadline to add/modify courses has passed, changes must be authorized and approved by the academic department.

Late Withdrawal requests

If you missed the deadline to drop a course without academic penalty, your last opportunity to withdraw is by requesting a late withdrawal (LWD) on eService, the Registrar’s request system. You may use this for up to 3.0 credits throughout your studies. You must request LWD during the request period. 

The course code and title remain on your transcript, but instead of a grade, the letters “LWD” appear, and the course will not impact your GPA.

Credit/No Credit option

Request period dates can be found on the Credit/No Credit Courses section of our site

ACORN offers the assessment mode of CR/NCR during the request period. CR/NCR courses count towards the degree credits you need to graduate but will have no impact on your GPA. Instead of a grade, a “CR” (Credit) or “NCR” (No Credit) notation will appear on your transcript. 

To earn a credit, you must have a final grade of at least 50%; grades below will not earn a credit and an NCR notation will appear. If you select the CR/ NCR option and change your mind, you must cancel it on ACORN during the request period. Degree students can request a maximum of 2.0 credits assessed as Credit/No Credit for electives. Credit/No Credit cannot be used for program requirements.

Dropping to part-time studies

If you drop to part-time studies (fewer than 1.5 credits in a semester), it is ideal to adjust your course load on ACORN during the 100% refund period. Otherwise, you will be charged for full- time incidental fees. ACORN will reassess program and course fees based on when you made changes. 

There are several refund periods that will entitle you to a percentage of your fees back, and a period where you no longer qualify for a tuition fee refund.

If you are receiving Financial Aid, contact us to learn how dropping one or more courses may impact your funding.

Cancelling your registration

If you decide you can no longer study in a particular semester, there is no formal withdrawal process. If you need to drop all courses, you must do so on ACORN. When you drop your last course, you will be asked if you want to cancel your registration. Cancelling your registration will block course enrolment privileges for that session. 

To avoid a minimum cancellation charge, drop all your courses before the academic session begins. By cancelling your registration, U of T can assess your fees and process a refund (if applicable). Click here to learn more about refunds. If you cancel your registration by mistake, contact the Registrar’s Office immediately. 

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