UTAPS Application

What is the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS) Program?

UTAPS stands for the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students program. It is the University of Toronto’s largest need-based support program and covers the financial gap between a student’s actual education costs and the costs recognized by their provincial/territorial government student financial aid program. In other words, UTAPS covers unmet financial need.

Through UTAPS, U of T provides non-repayable grants to students to help cover this financial need gap, or unmet need.

*NEW for 2023-2024* All students who would like to be considered for UTAPS for the 2023-24 school year must complete and submit an application through the Need Navigator, along with any supporting documentation required as stated on the student’s application by the deadline

Summer UTAPS

Students registered in full-time studies from May - August 2024 may be eligible for UTAPS for the summer term. If you are an OSAP recipient in the Summer term, you are automatically considered for UTSC Summer UTAPS and are not required to complete an application. Click here to learn more about Summer UTAPS


To be eligible for UTAPS funding, you must be:

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a protected person (recognized convention refugee); and
  • Receiving government student financial assistance from your home province or territory (e.g. Ontario Student Assistance Program – OSAP, StudentAid BC, etc.), or only educational funding for Indigenous students (e.g., Indigenous Sponsorship funding provided through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, Métis Nation Post-Secondary Education Strategy, etc.), and having remaining financial need, or unmet need, that is not covered by these programs; and
  • Enrolled in a UTAPS-approved program (e.g., All UTSC undergraduate programs) ; and 
  • Registered in a full-time course load per OSAP requirements during the Fall and/or Winter terms.

The following students are not eligible for UTAPS:

  • International;
  • Part-time, as per OSAP requirements during the Fall and/or Winter terms.;
  • Enrolled in co-op, internship, or Professional Experience Year (PEY) work term(s); 
  • Students who are restricted from receiving funding from their home jurisdiction’s government financial aid program;
  • Single students who are less than six years out of high school and opt-out of providing parental information;
  • Students in professional graduate programs – please see Students in Professional Graduate Programs for more information.


To determine financial need for UTAPS, the University uses a formula that compares a student’s allowable education and living costs with expected contributions and resources from the student’s home jurisdiction financial aid program.

The Formula

The formula is: UTAPS allowable education and living costs (MINUS) Resources from expected contributions and financial aid program (EQUALS) Financial need a student may have for UTAPS consideration. (e.g., If the Resources are less than the costs, then a student could qualify for UTAPS grant funding. If the Resources are greater than the costs, a student would not qualify for UTAPS grant funding.


  1. Check your eligibility. See Review Your Eligibility to ensure you are eligible for UTAPS grants.
  2. Ensure you are within the application deadline.See Application Deadlines to ensure you apply within the UTAPS deadlines.
  3. Complete and submit an application. Are you ready to begin your application? Go to the Need Navigator, and complete all required information.

    Please note that if you are unable to complete the form, you may save your progress and return to it later.

You will receive a notice of eligibility. You will be notified through your utoronto.ca email within four to five weeks of your eligibility for UTAPS grants, depending on when you submitted your application through the Need Navigator.

If you qualify for UTAPS, you will see the award will appear on your ACORN account, under ‘My Awards’.


UTAPS grants are applied first to pay any outstanding balance owing for the academic year on your ACORN account. Any remaining credit balance will be deposited into your bank account. For quicker payment, ensure the following information is setup on your ACORN account:   

Ensure your home province/territory’s student financial aid application is not on hold. Applications may be put on hold for issues such as academic restrictions, income verification issues, overpayments, etc.