Academic Probation

As you get accustomed to the pace of the academic rigor at UTSC, find the right program, and make connections, we hope that you take advantage of services on campus to support your success. Once you have attempted at least three full credits at the University of Toronto, your academic standing will be assessed to help you - and us - understand how you are doing. If your academic standing has been assessed, and you are on academic probation, it means that you have a cumulative GPA of less than 1.60. 

What it Means for Your Next Semester


GPA Requirement

  • You must achieve a sessional GPA of 1.60 or better in each semester that you are registered for. Once you raise your cumulative GPA to 1.60 or better, you will return to good standing.
  • If your sessional GPA falls below 1.60, you will be suspended, or refused further registration if you are suspended for a fourth time.

Eligible Course Load

  • You are permitted to take 2.0 credits in your next semester.
  • If you enrol in more than 2.0 credits, you will be removed from all your courses.
  • Think very strategically about the courses that you enrol in once you are on academic probation.
  • Enrol in courses that you are confident will help you raise your GPA. At the end of each semester that you enrol in, your academic standing will be newly assessed.

Course Enrolment Tips

  • We strongly discourage enrolling in Y section courses that run from September to April. Your academic standing will be assessed at the end of each semester, and if you are suspended, you will be removed from all courses that begin or continue in January and you will not be eligible to receive a refund for any Y section courses.
  • A full refund will be issued only to students who have enrolled in courses that began in the semester following their suspension.