Applying for OSAP

Apply Online

  1. Get your information ready. This includes your Social Insurance Number, income tax information, and if applicable, financial information for your parent(s) and/or spouse.
  2. Create an application on the OSAP website. Apply at least two months before classes start to receive your funding during the first few weeks of classes.
  3. Indicate your program on your application. If you're not able to find your program from the drop-down menu, type Scarborough and complete your application. Do not manually type in your program name as this may significantly delay your funding. You can correct or add your program name after you submit your application using the Information Correction Form.
  4. Declare your course load. Incorrectly declaring your course load may give you an inaccurate assessment of your funding. Refer to the chart below to help you determine your correct course load. Don't worry, if your course load changes after you apply, you can make changes using the Information Correction Form.

    Percentage and Course Load


    100% = 5 courses or 2.5 credits each semester Full-time
    90% = 9 courses or 4.5 credits in 2 semesters
    (minimum 1.5 credits in each semester)
    80% = 4 courses or 2 credits each semester Full-time
    70% = 7 courses or 3.5 credits in 2 semesters
    (minimum 1.5 credits in each semester)
    60% = 3 courses or 1.5 credits each semester Full-time
    40% = 2 courses or 1 credit in a semester Part-time
    or full-time for students with a disability

Submit Paperwork

First time applicants: Visit a designated Canada Post office to process your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement. You must present valid government issued photo ID, and proof of your Social Insurance Number (SIN). You only need to submit this form once, even if you reapply for a new loan next year.

All applicants: Hand in supporting documents at the Registrar's Office. Login to your OSAP account and go to the "Print/Upload" section to view your personalized list of required documents. You can upload them directly online, or submit your documents to our office. It can take 4-8 weeks to process documents once you submit them, so don't delay!

Monitor Your Application Status

After you apply, login to your OSAP account regularly. You should see an assessment after the first week. If an assessment is unavailable for you, you should follow up with the Financial Aid team in the Registrar's Office. Similarly, if your supporting documents are still listed as a requirement 6-8 weeks after you submit them, follow up with the Financial Aid team in the Registrar's Office.

Most Importantly...

Before the semester begins, every student is required to officially register by either requesting to defer your fees, or making a tuition payment. This step is crucial; missing the financial deadline to register can result in having your courses removed, and your registration cancelled.

  1. Request a fee deferral on ACORN by the deadline if you have an OSAP entitlement. If your fee deferral is successful, move to step 2.
    NOTE: If your fee deferral is unsuccessful, try again in a few days. If it continues to be unsuccessful, you still need to meet the financial deadline to register. Make a tuition payment or visit us in person immediately for assistance.
  2. Pay your tuition fees when you receive your OSAP funding after classes begin. You are responsible for making your tuition payments on time through your bank.

Depending on your situation, you may appeal your OSAP funding if your entitlement is not sufficient to meet your financial needs. Please visit us and ask to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.