Change Study Period or Income


Request to Change My Study Period – Full Time

Use this form to request a change to the study period on your online OSAP application. For example, if you applied for OSAP for 2 semesters (Fall & Winter) and you will only be attending full time in the Fall, you need to change the study period so that your funding can be recalculated for one semester instead of two. 

Income & Asset Update for Full Time OSAP

  • Use this form to update the study period income you reported on your online OSAP application. For example, you learn that you will be receiving a scholarship for the academic year or you forgot to report a scholarship when you applied online for OSAP funding. 
  • Use this form to update the asset information that was reported on your online application. For example, you reported an amount for RRSP, and you need to correct the amount. You can also use the form to update or correct the amount for Other Assets.


You have submitted an application for full time OSAP assistance for the current academic session.

Request Period and Deadlines

You can request an update any time after submitting your application. You must submit the request prior to the study period end date. We recommend that you submit the form no later than 4 weeks prior to the last day of the study period (last day of the exam period). Mid to late November for Fall only applications and mid to late March for Fall/Winter or Winter only applications.

How to Submit This Form

  • Upload the form (all pages) through your OSAP portal – PDF format only.

    • Login to your OSAP account and go to your full time OSAP application.
    • Click on Print/upload documents. 
    • Look under Required documents (print/upload)
    • Click on Go to optional uploads
    • Choose: Updates to your application and click on Upload document
  • Email them to our office: only if you are unable to upload your document through the OSAP portal. 

Download the Form