A petition is a formal request made to the University in order to be exempted from an academic rule or policy.

The University is governed by a series of rules and regulations to ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably. We expect all students to seek support when needed, and make informed academic decisions proactively. We understand that in some instances, students may have valid reasons to ask for special consideration.

While students have the right to petition, the University reserves the right to grant or deny requests. When filing a petition, you authorize the release of relevant aspects of your University record to be reviewed by authorized members of the University (staff and/or faculty). Please be assured that your information is held in the strictest confidence.

Cancel a Petition

To cancel a petition that you have already submitted, but not received a decision on, please write to: Ensure that you include your name, student number and petition number (PT12345).

**Petition documentation submission is slightly altered due to COVID19 precautions”. See details on “Supporting Documents” page. 



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Student services on campus can assist you with your petition, and offer specialized support to meet your needs.
Learn how to submit a petition on eService, and how to submit your supporting documentation to the Registrar's Office.
In most cases, you will need to provide documentation to accompany your petition to verify the details you provided in your petition. Learn more about supporting documentation here.
Petition approvals and refusal updates will be available on eService. Learn more about the process. 
If you wish to appeal the refusal of your petition, you may follow this process to request additional consideration.