convocation hall

You’ve worked hard and now you’re almost ready to graduate - congratulations! At U of T, the graduation ceremony is known as Convocation and there are two Convocation periods per year – one in June and one in November. 

For detailed information on the June 2024 Convocation, please check often for updates at the Office of Convocation website.

Convocation Period Date
June 2024 Convocation June 2024

If you plan to graduate during an upcoming Convocation period, you’ll will need to officially request to graduate on ACORN before the published deadlines.

  • Request June Convocation between mid-November and late-January
  • Request November Convocation between mid-June and mid-August

For specific dates when you can request graduation for each Convocation period, please go to the Requesting and Preparing for Graduation link below.


*Updated November 16, 2023