Your Registration Status

student studying

Your registration status on ACORN will appear as one of the following:


  • You are invited to enrol in courses for the upcoming semester and/or you have selected courses
  • If you made a recent tuition payment, it has not been received


  • You have enrolled in at least one course, and your tuition payment or fee deferral has been accepted. Your registration is complete!

Financially Cancelled

  • You enrolled in courses, but missed the deadline to pay or defer your fees. If you wish to take courses, and register for the upcoming semester, please read the instructions on late registration carefully.


  • You have been placed on academic suspension, as you were previously on academic probation, and your most recent sessional grade point average is below 1.60. Please review your complete academic history on ACORN. You will receive an official notice from the Registrar's Office regarding the terms of your suspension.


  • You are taking or are currently on a leave of absence and have not enrolled in courses or made a tuition payment for the upcoming semester.