Leave of Absence


There may be periods of time when you wish to take time away from studies. You should consider several factors if you must take a Leave of Absence (LOA) to ensure you remain on track to complete your studies. Please note that the summer academic session is generally not a session students need to have a formal approval. 

Voluntary Leave of Absence:

Students that have completed at least 1 course can take a voluntary leave without formal authorization or documentation.

Two options for taking a voluntary leave:

  1. Cancel current registration in a given academic period.
  2. Choose not to complete registration in a specific academic period (e.g., Fall/Winter session, Fall or Winter Term).

Implications During a Leave of Absence:

During a leave of absence, students should be aware of the following implications: no payment of tuition or fees, ineligibility for scholarships or awards, limited access to university services (except the Registrar's Office), inability to participate in internships or research, responsibility for academic deadlines and financial obligations, and a request for Re-enrolment is needed after three consecutive semesters of absence.

Academic Considerations:

Before taking a leave of absence (LOA), it is important to review your academic and degree requirements to ensure you are on track to graduate according to your desired date. We strongly advise reaching out to the Academic Advising and Career Centre to understand any potential impact on your academic progress. Keep in mind that certain courses may be offered only during specific times of the year and could serve as prerequisites for future courses essential to your program. It can be beneficial to consult the Future Course Offerings as you strategize your academic plans.

Financial Considerations:

Before taking a voluntary leave, students should consider the financial implications for programs such as OSAP, out-of-province aid, UTAPS, or loan programs. This includes understanding the impact on internal and external award payments, as well as how tuition and refunds will be handled. It is advisable to pay off any outstanding fees in full before taking a break from studies to avoid service charges being applied and added to the invoice.

For students enrolled in a program with Program Fees, it is possible to request the cancellation of invited status for the term to remove these fees by emailing the office with your @utoronto email address, full name, and student number. It is important to note that taking a break from studies may affect OSAP status and could trigger fee repayment. Students are encouraged to review their status with OSAP and seek support from Financial Aid if needed.

Co-op Students:

Co-op Students considering a voluntary leave should consult their Program Coordinator in the Co-op Office

Cancelling Courses and Refunds:

Students planning to cancel courses and registration part-way through a term should refer to their divisional refund schedule.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence for Domestic Students  

Domestic undergraduate UTSC students have the option to take a leave of absence (LOA) for one semester at a time, with a maximum of three consecutive sessions before requiring a request for re-enrolment. To initiate an LOA, log into ACORN and drop any enrolled courses for the desired semester. Additionally, ensure that your registration status is cancelled or marked as FINCA (financially cancelled) by selecting "Y" when prompted to confirm cancellation. It is advisable to review the mentioned items, if feasible.


Undergraduate Leave of Absence for International Students  

International undergraduate UTSC students have the option to request a leave of absence (LOA) for one semester at a time. They can also request an approved and documented LOA for a maximum of two consecutive academic years. To be eligible for an LOA, international students must have completed at least one academic term at UTSC with an academic standing that is not "On Suspension" or "Refused Further Registration."

Students may request a leave of one term (Fall or Winter) or one academic session (Fall-Winter), for a maximum of two consecutive academic years for the following reasons: 

  • Serious health, personal or family issues
  • Issues related to childbirth or childcare
  • Military service  

Leave of Absence Eligibility for International Students 

A leave of absence will not be approved for newly admitted (first-year or transfer) students who have not yet begun their studies. If you are unable to begin your studies, please contact the Admissions Office to discuss deferring your admission to the university.  

Leave of Absence Inquiries International Students 

International students considering a leave of absence should first consult with an Advisor at the  International Student Centre (ISC) to address any potential impacts on immigration status, health coverage, and related matters.  Students may be eligible for continuation of health insurance (UHIP) during a 4-month leave where they remain in Canada.