Future Course Offerings

The tentative list below is intended to be used for informational purposes only. The confirmed list of course offerings for the upcoming semester will be posted in the Timetable, which can be found under Academics.

Course Code Course Title Section Code Comments
ACMC01H3 ACMEE Applied Practice I Y
ACMD01H3 ACMEE Applied Practice II Y
ACMD02H3 ACMEE Applied Practice III Y
BIOA01H3 Life on Earth: Unifying Principles Y
BIOA02H3 Life on Earth: Form, Function and Interactions Y
BIOB10H3 Cell Biology F
BIOB11H3 Molecular Aspects of Cellular and Genetic Processes S
BIOB12H3 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory Y
BIOB33H3 Human Development and Anatomy Y
BIOB34H3 Animal Physiology Y
BIOB50H3 Ecology Y
BIOB51H3 Evolutionary Biology Y
BIOB52H3 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory Y
BIOB98H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology Y
BIOB99H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology Y
BIOC12H3 Biochemistry I: Proteins and Enzymes Y
BIOC13H3 Biochemistry II: Bioenergetics and Metabolism Y
BIOC15H3 Genetics Y
BIOC17H3 Microbiology Y
BIOC23H3 Practical Approaches to Biochemistry Y
BIOC99H3 Biology Team Research Y
BIOD21H3 Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory Y
BIOD33H3 Comparative Animal Physiology Y
BIOD67H3 Inter-University Biology Field Course Y
BIOD95H3 Supervised Study Y
BIOD98Y3 Supervised Study in Biology Y
BIOD99Y3 Directed Research in Biology Y
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms Y
CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II Y
CHMD90Y3 Directed Research in Chemistry Y
CHMD91H3 Directed Research in Chemistry Y
CITC04H3 Municipal and Planning Law in Ontario Y
CITC08H3 Cities and Community Development Y
CITC16H3 Planning and Governing the Metropolis Y
CITC18H3 Urban Transportation Policy Analysis Y
CITD30H3 Supervised Research Project Y
CLAA05H3 Ancient Mythology I: Mesopotamia and Egypt Y
CLAC22H3 Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Y
CSCA48H3 Introduction to Computer Science II Y
CSCB07H3 Software Design Y
CSCB09H3 Software Tools and Systems Programming Y
CSCB36H3 Introduction to the Theory of Computation Y
CSCB58H3 Computer Organization Y
CSCB63H3 Design and Analysis of Data Structures Y
CSCC01H3 Introduction to Software Engineering Y
CSCC43H3 Introduction to Databases Y
CSCC63H3 Computability and Computational Complexity Y
CSCC69H3 Operating Systems Y
CSCD94H3 Computer Science Project Y
CSCD95H3 Computer Science Project Y
EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth Y
EESA09H3 Wind Y
EESA10H3 Human Health and the Environment Y
EESC24H3 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science Y
EESD09H3 Research Project in Environmental Science Y
EESD10Y3 Research Project in Environmental Science Y
ENGB03H3 Critical Thinking about Narrative Y
ENGB04H3 Critical Thinking about Poetry Y
ENGB05H3 Critical Writing about Literature Y
ENGB37H3 Popular Literature and Mass Culture Y
ENGB50H3 Women and Literature: Forging a Tradition Y
ENGC10H3 Studies in Shakespeare Y
ENGC15H3 Concepts in Literary Criticism Y
ENGC26H3 Drama: Tragedy Y
ENGD22H3 Special Topics in Creative Writing II Y
ENGD26Y3 Independent Studies: Creative Writing: Poetry Y
ENGD27Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Prose Y
ENGD28Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Special Topics Y
ENGD62H3 Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Film Y
ENGD89H3 Topics in the Victorian Period Y
FREA96H3 Introductory French I F
FREA97H3 Introductory French II S
FREB18H3 Business French F
FREB50H3 Introdcution to Literature in French I Y
FRED02H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
FRED02H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
FRED03H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
FRED04H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
FRED05H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
FRED07H3 Supervised Reading: French Y
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning Y
GGRB13H3 Social Geography Y
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease Y
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance Y
GGRD12H3 Seminar in Selected Topics in Human Geography Y
GGRD31H3 Independent Research Project Y
HISA04H3 Themes in World History I F
HISA05H3 Themes in World History II Y
HISB37H3 History of Mexico Y
HISC04H3 Drink in History Y
HISC34H3 Race, Segregation, Protest: South Africa and the United States Y
HISD01H3 Independent Studies: Senior Research Project in History Y
HISD02H3 Independent Studies: Senior Research Project in History Y
HISD63H3 The Crusades: I F
IDSC15H3 Special Topics in International Development Studies Y
IDSD14H3 Directed Reading Y
IDSD15H3 Directed Research Y
LINA01H3 Introduction to Linguistics Y
LINB06H3 Syntax I F
LINB18H3 (WEB) English Grammar Y
LIND01H3 Independent Study in Linguistics Y
LIND02H3 Independent Study in Linguistics Y
LIND03H3 Independent Study in Linguistics Y
MATA22H3 Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences Y
MATA23H3 Linear Algebra I Y
MATA33H3 Calculus for Management II Y
MATA35H3 Calculus II for Biological Sciences Y
MATA36H3 Calculus II for Physical Sciences Y
MATA37H3 Calculus II for Mathematical Sciences Y
MATD92H3 Mathematics Project Y
MATD93H3 Mathematics Project Y
MATD94H3 Readings in Mathematics Y
MATD95H3 Readings in Mathematics Y
MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies Y
MDSC02H3 Media, Identities and Politics Y
MGAB01H3 Introductory Financial Accounting I S
MGAB02H3 Introductory Financial Accounting II Y
MGAB03H3 Introductory Management Accounting Y
MGAC01H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting I Y
MGAC02H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting II Y
MGAC03H3 Intermediate Management Accounting Y
MGAC50H3 Canadian Income Taxation I Y
MGAC60H3 Canadian Income Taxation II Y
MGAC70H3 Management Information Systems Y
MGAD10H3 Auditing Y
MGAD20H3 Advanced Auditing F
MGAD40H3 Management Control Systems Y
MGAD50H3 Advanced Accounting Y
MGEA02H3 Introduction to Microeconomics: A Mathematical Approach Y
MGEA06H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach Y
MGEB02H3 Price Theory: A Mathematical Approach Y
MGEB06H3 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy: A Mathematical Approach Y
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I Y
MGEB12H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics II Y
MGEC02H3 Topics in Price Theory Y
MGEC06H3 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory Y
MGEC11H3 Introduction to Regression Analysis Y
MGEC32H3 Economics of the Public Sector: Expenditures Y
MGEC40H3 Economics of Organization and Management Y
MGEC41H3 Industrial Organization Y
MGEC61H3 International Economics: Finance Y
MGEC71H3 Money and Banking Y
MGEC93H3 International Economics Y
MGED90H3 Supervised Reading Y
MGED91H3 Supervised Reading Y
MGFB10H3 Principles of Finance F
MGFC10H3 Intermediate Finance S
MGFC20H3 Personal Financial Management F
MGHB02H3 Managing People and Groups in Organizations F
MGHB12H3 Human Resource Management S
MGHC02H3 Management Skills F
MGIA01H3 Principles of International Marketing Y
MGMA01H3 Principles of Marketing F
MGMB01H3 Marketing Management Y
MGMC02H3 Consumer Behaviour F
MGMC12H3 Advertising: From Theory to Practice F
MGOC10H3 Analysis for Decision Making F
MGOC20H3 Operations Management: A Mathematical Approach S
MGSC14H3 Management Ethics Y
MGSC30H3 The Legal Environment of Business I Y
MGSC40H3 Corporate Governance Y
MGTA01H3 Introduction to Business Y
MGTA02H3 Managing the Business Organization Y
MGTA35H3 Management Communications for non co-op Y
MGTA36H3 Management Communications for Co-op Y
MGTD80H3 Supervised Reading in Management Y
NROB60H3 (WEB) Neuroanatomy Laboratory Y
PHLB02H3 Enironmental Ethics Y
PHLC93H3 Topics in Political Philosophy Y
PHYA21H3 Introduction to Physics IIa Y
PHYD01H3 Research Project in Physics and Astrophysics Y
PHYD72H3 Supervised Reading in Physics and Astrophysics Y
PLID01H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics Y
PLID02H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics Y
PLID03H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics Y
POLB50Y3Y Canadian Government and Politics Y
POLB72H3 Introduction to Political Theory Y
POLB80H3 Introduction to International Relations I Y
POLC32H3 The Canadian Judicial System Y
POLC36H3 Law and Public Policy Y
POLC38H3 International Law Y
POLC78H3 Political Analysis I F
POLC93H3 Public Policies in the United States F
POLD95H3 Supervised Research Y
POLD98H3 Supervised Reading Y
PSYA01H3 (WEB) Introductory Psychology: Part 1 Y
PSYA02H3 (WEB) Introductory Psychology: Part 2 Y
PSYB04H3 (WEB) Foundations in Psychological Research Y
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology Y
PSYB10H3 (WEB) Introduction to Social Psychology Y
PSYB32H3 Abnormal Psychology Y
PSYB45H3 (WEB) Behaviour Modification: Origins and Applications Y
PSYB51H3 (WEB) Perception and Cognition Y
PSYB57H3 (WEB) Memory and Cognition Y
PSYB64H3 (WEB) An Introduction to Physiological Psychology Y
PSYB65H3 (WEB) Human Brain and Behaviour Y
PSYC02H3 Scientific Communication in Psychology Y
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology Y
PSYC11H3 Social Psychology Laboratory Y
PSYC85H3 History of Psychology Y
PSYD15H3 Current Topics in Social Psychology Y
PSYD33H3 Current Topics in Abnormal Psychology Y
PSYD50H3 Current Topics in Memory and Cognition Y
STAB22H3 Statistics I Y
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences Y
STAB52H3 An Introduction to Probability Y
STAD92H3 Readings in Statistics Y
STAD93H3 Readings in Statistics Y
STAD94H3 Statistics Project Y
STAD95H3 Statistics Project Y
VPMA68H3 Small Ensemble Ia Y
VPMA69H3 Small Ensemble Ib Y
VPMA93H3 Listening to Music F
VPMB68H3 Small Ensemble IIa Y
VPMB69H3 Small Ensemble IIb Y
VPMB99H3 Music of the World's Peoples Y
VPMC68H3 Small Ensemble IIIa Y
VPMC69H3 Small Ensemble IIIb Y
VPMC78H3 Balinese Gamelan: Performance and Context Y
VPMD80H3 Independent Study in Music Y
WSTA01H3 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Y
WSTC24H3 Gender in the Kitchen Y