Future Course Offerings

The tentative list below is intended to be used for informational purposes only. The confirmed list of course offerings for the upcoming semester will be posted in the Timetable, which can be found under Academics.

Winter 2024

Last Updated:
Course Code Course Title Section Code Comments
ACMB01H3 Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs S
AFSB01H3 African Worldviews S
AFSB01H3 African Worldviews S
AFSB51H3 Twentieth Century Africa S
ANTA01H3 Introduction to Anthropology: Becoming Human S
ANTA02H3 Introduction to Anthropology: Society, Culture and Language S
ANTB14H3 Biological Anthropology: Beginnings S
ANTB18H3 Development, Inequality and Social Change in Latin America S
ANTB20H3 Culture, Politics and Globalization S
ANTB26H3 The Middle East and North Africa: Past and Present S
ANTB35H3 Kids These Days: Youth, Language and Media S
ANTB36H3 Anthropology of the End of the World S
ANTB80H3 Introduction to Archaeology: Methods, Theories, and Practices S
ANTC27H3 Primate Sociality S
ANTC59H3 Anthropology of Language and Media S
ANTC62H3 Medical Anthropology: Biological and Demographic Perspectives S
ANTC68H3 Deconstructing Epidemics S
ANTC70H3 Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future S
ASTB03H3 Great Moments in Astronomy S
ASTC25H3 Astrophysics of Planetary Systems S
BIOA02H3 Life on Earth: Form, Function and Interactions S
BIOB11H3 Molecular Aspects of Cellular and Genetic Processes S
BIOB12H3 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory S
BIOB32H3 Animal Physiology Laboratory S
BIOB35H3 Essentials of Human Physiology S
BIOB38H3 Plants and Society S
BIOB51H3 Evolutionary Biology S
BIOB90H3 Integrative Research Poster S
BIOB98H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology S
BIOB99H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology S
BIOC10H3 Cell Biology: Proteins from Life to Death S
BIOC13H3 Biochemistry II: Bioenergetics and Metabolism S
BIOC14H3 Genes, Environment and Behaviour S
BIOC16H3 Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics S
BIOC17H3 Microbiology S
BIOC23H3 Practical Approaches to Biochemistry S
BIOC31H3 Plant Development and Biotechnology S
BIOC34H3 Human Physiology II S
BIOC39H3 Immunology S
BIOC40H3 Plant Physiology S
BIOC54H3 Animal Behaviour S
BIOC62H3 Role of Zoos and Aquariums in Conservation S
BIOC90H3 Integrative Multimedia Documentary Project S
BIOC99H3 Biology Team Research S
BIOD19H3 Epigenetics in Health and Disease S
BIOD20H3 Special Topics in Virology S
BIOD25H3 Genomics S
BIOD29H3 Pathobiology of Human Disease S
BIOD34H3 Conservation Physiology S
BIOD43H3 Animal Movement and Exercise S
BIOD54H3 Applied Conservation Biology S
BIOD62H3 Symbiosis: Interactions between Species S
BIOD63H3 From Individuals to Ecosystems: Advanced Topics in Ecology S
BIOD65H3 Pathologies of the Nervous System S
BIOD66H3 Causes and Consequences of Biodiversity S
BIOD67H3 Inter-University Biology Field Course S
BIOD95H3 Supervised Study S
CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding S
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms S
CHMA12H3 Advanced General Chemistry S
CHMB21H3 Chemical Structure and Spectroscopy S
CHMB41H3 Organic Chemistry I S
CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II S
CHMB55H3 Environmental Chemistry S
CHMB62H3 Introduction to Biochemistry S
CHMC16H3 Analytical Instrumentation S
CHMC31Y3 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry S
CHMC42H3 Organic Synthesis S
CHMD16H3 Environmental and Analytical Chemistry S
CHMD47H3 Advanced Bio-Organic Chemistry S
CHMD69H3 Bioinorganic Chemistry S
CHMD71H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry S
CHMD90Y3 Directed Research S
CHMD90Y3 Directed Research in Chemistry Y
CHMD91H3 Directed Research S
CHMD91H3 Directed Research in Chemistry Y
CITB03H3 Social Planning and Community Development S
CITC12H3 City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management, and Policymaking S
CITC15H3 Taxing and Spending: Public Finance in Canadian Cities S
CITD05H3 City Studies Workshop I S
CLAA06H3 Ancient Mythology II: Greece and Rome S
CLAB06H3 History and Culture of the Roman World S
CLAC11H3 Classical Literature I: Poetry S
CLAC68H3 Constructing the Other: Orientalism through Time and Place S
COPB12H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Part II S
COPB14H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Management International Business Part II S
CRTC72H3 Art, the Museum, and the Gallery S
CSCA08H3 Introduction to Computer Science I S
CSCA48H3 Introduction to Computer Science II S
CSCB09H3 Software Tools and Systems Programming S
CSCB20H3 Introduction to Databases and Web Applications S
CSCB58H3 Computer Organization S
CSCB63H3 Design and Analysis of Data Structures S
CSCC09H3 Programming on the Web S
CSCC11H3 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining S
CSCC24H3 Principles of Programming Languages S
CSCC63H3 Computability and Computational Complexity S
CSCC69H3 Operating Systems S
CSCD01H3 Engineering Large Software Systems S
CSCD03H3 Social Impact of Information Technology S
CSCD37H3 Analysis of Numerical Algorithms for Computational Mathematics S
CSCD43H3 Database System Technology S
CSCD70H3 Compiler Optimization S
CSCD84H3 Artificial Intelligence S
CSCD92H3 Readings in Computer Science S
CSCD94H3 Computer Science Project S
CSCD95H3 Computer Science Project S
CTLA01H3 Foundations to Effective Academic Communication S
CTLA21H3 Math4life: Developing Mathematical Thinking and Skills in Practical Contexts S
CTLB03H3 Introduction to Community Engaged Learning S
EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth S
EESA10H3 Human Health and the Environment S
EESA11H3 Environmental Pollution S
EESB03H3 Principles of Climatology S
EESB16H3 Feeding Humans - The Cost to the Planet S
EESB19H3 Mineralogy S
EESB20H3 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy S
EESC03H3 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing S
EESC13H3 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing S
EESC16H3 Field Camp I S
EESC18H3 Limnology S
EESC19H3 Oceanography S
EESC20H3 Geochemistry S
EESC24H3 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science S
EESC30H3 Environmental Microbiology S
EESC34H3 Sustainability in Practice S
EESD02H3 Contaminant Hydrogeology S
EESD06H3 Climate Change Impact Assessment S
EESD07H3 Field Camp II S
EESD09H3 Research Project in Environmental Science S
EESD10Y3 Research Project in Environmental Science Y
EESD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies S
EESD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies Y
EESD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series S
EESD19H3 Professional Development Seminars in Geoscience S
EESD20H3 Geological Evolution and Environmental History of North America S
EESD33H3 Field Techniques Y
ESTC34H3 Sustainability in Practice S
ESTC35H3 Environmental Science and Technology in Society S
ESTD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies S
ESTD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies Y
ESTD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series S
ESTD19H3 Risk S
FSTB01H3 Introduction to Food Studies S
GASA01H3 Introducing Global Asia S
GASB53H3 Mughals and the World, 1500-1858 AD S
GASB77H3 Asia in Display S
GASC20H3 Gendering Global Asia S
GASC40H3 Chinese Media and Politics S
GASD58H3 Culture, Politics, and Society in Late Imperial China S
GASD59H3 Law and Society in Chinese History S
GGRA03H3 Cities and Environments S
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning S
GGRB03H3 Writing Geography: From Good to Great S
GGRB21H3 Environments and Environmentalisms S
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease S
GGRB32H3 Fundamentals of GIS II S
HISA05H3 Themes in World History II: Migration in a Global Context S
HISA06H3 Introducing Global Asia and its Histories S
HISB03H3 Critical Writing & Research S
HISB03H3 Critical Writing & Research S
HISB11H3 History and Culture of the Roman World S
HISB14H3 Edible History: History of Global Foodways S
HISB31H3 History of the United States since the Civil War S
HISB51H3 Twentieth Century Africa S
HISB53H3 Mughals and the World, 1500-1858 AD S
HISB53H3 Mughals and the World, 1500-1858 AD S
HISB93H3 Modern Europe I: The Nineteenth Century S
HISC01H3 History and Evidence S
HISC65H3 Venice and its Empire, 800-1800 S
HISC68H3 Constructing the Other: Orientalism through Time and Place S
HISD14H3 Selected Topics on Modern European History S
HISD16H3 Socialist Feminism in Global Context S
HISD18H3 Digital History S
HISD32H3 Slavery and Emancipation in the American South S
HISD36H3 From New Deal to New Right: American Politics since 1933 S
HISD44H3 Nearby History: The Method and Practice of Local History S
HISD58H3 Culture, Politics, and Society in Late Imperial China S
HISD58H3 Culture, Politicss, and Society in Late Imperial China S
HISD59H3 Law and Society in Chinese History S
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment S
IDSB06H3 Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development S
JOUA02H3 Introduction to Journalism 2 S
JOUB02H3 Critical Journalism S
JOUB24H3 Journalism in the Age of New Media S
JOUD10H3 Senior Seminar in Journalism S
MATA02H3 Magic of Numbers S
MATA22H3 Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences S
MATA23H3 Linear Algebra I S
MATA29H3 Calculus I for Life Sciences S
MATA30H3 Calculus I for Physical Sciences S
MATA31H3 Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences S
MATA32H3 Calculus for Management I S
MATA33H3 Calculus for Management II S
MATA35H3 Calculus II for Biological Sciences S
MATA36H3 Calculus II for Physical Sciences S
MATA37H3 Calculus II for Mathematical Sciences S
MATB42H3 Techniques of the Calculus of Several Variables II S
MATB43H3 Introduction to Analysis S
MATB61H3 Linear Programming and Optimization S
MATC15H3 Introduction to Number Theory S
MATC37H3 Introduction to Real Anaylsis S
MATC44H3 Introduction to Combinatorics S
MATC46H3 Differential Equations II S
MATC58H3 An Introduction to Mathematical Biology S
MATD01H3 Fields and Groups S
MATD10H3 Topics in Mathematics S
MATD26H3 Geometric Analysis and Relativity S
MATD34H3 Complex Variables II S
MATD35H3 Introduction to Discrete Dynamical Systems S
MATD46H3 Partial Differential Equations S
MATD92H3 Mathematics Project S
MATD93H3 Mathematics Project S
MATD94H3 Readings in Mathematics S
MATD95H3 Readings in Mathematics S
MDSA02H3 History of Media S
MDSA02H3 History of Media S
MDSB05H3 Media and Globalization S
MDSB62H3 Visual Culture and Communication S
MDSC01H3 Theories in Media Studies S
MDSC02H3 Media, Identities and Politics S
MDSD01H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Arts S
MDSD01H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Arts S
MDSD02H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Society S
MDSD02H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Society S
MGAB01H3 Introductory Financial Accounting I S
MGAB02H3 Introductory Financial Accounting II S
MGAB03H3 Introductory Management Accounting S
MGAC01H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting I S
MGAC02H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting II S
MGAC03H3 Intermediate Management Accounting S
MGAC50H3 Canadian Income Taxation I S
MGAC70H3 Management Information Systems S
MGAD20H3 Advanced Auditing S
MGAD40H3 Management Control Systems S
MGAD45H3 Corporate Governance and Strategy - CPA Perspective S
MGAD50H3 Advanced Accounting S
MGAD65H3 Canadian Income Taxation II S
MGAD70H3 Advanced Accounting Case Analysis: A Capstone Course S
MGEA05H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics S
MGEA06H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach S
MGEB01H3 Price Theory S
MGEB02H3 Price Theory: A Mathematical Approach S
MGEB05H3 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy S
MGEB06H3 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy: A Mathematical Approach S
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I S
MGEB12H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics II S
MGEB32H3 Economic Aspects of Public Policy S
MGEC02H3 Topics in Price Theory S
MGEC06H3 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory S
MGEC08H3 Economics of Markets and Financial Making S
MGEC11H3 Introduction to Regression Analysis S
MGEC25H3 Special Topics in Economics S
MGEC34H3 Economics of Health Care S
MGEC37H3 Law and Economics S
MGEC41H3 Industrial Organization S
MGEC45H3 Sports Data, Analysis and Economics S
MGEC58H3 Economics of Human Resource Management S
MGEC61H3 International Economics: Finance S
MGEC71H3 Money and Banking S
MGEC81H3 Economic Development S
MGEC82H3 International Aspects of Development Policy S
MGED06H3 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory S
MGED50H3 Workshop in Economic Research S
MGED90H3 Supervised Reading S
MGED91H3 Supervised Reading S
MGFB10H3 Principles of Finance S
MGFC10H3 Intermediate Finance S
MGFC30H3 Introduction to Derivative Markets S
MGFC35H3 Investments S
MGFD25H3 Financial Technologies and Applications (FinTech) S
MGFD30H3 Risk Management S
MGFD40H3 Investor Psychology and Behavioural Finance S
MGFD50H3 Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Practice S
MGFD60H3 Financial Modeling and Trading Strategies S
MGHA12H3 Human Resource Management S
MGHB02H3 Managing People and Groups in Organizations S
MGHC02H3 Management Skills S
MGHC23H3 Diversity in the Workplace S
MGHC53H3 Introduction to Industrial Relations S
MGHD25H3 Human Resources Recruitment and Selection S
MGHD26H3 Training and Development S
MGIA01H3 Principles of International Marketing S
MGIB02H3 International Organizational Behavior S
MGID40H3 Introduction to International Business Law S
MGID79H3 International Capstone Case Analysis S
MGMA01H3 Principles of Marketing S
MGMB01H3 Marketing Management S
MGMC01H3 Market Research S
MGMC02H3 Consumer Behaviour S
MGMC11H3 Product Management and Branding S
MGMC14H3 Sales and Distribution Management S
MGMD01H3 Applied Marketing Models S
MGMD10H3 Seminar in Consumer Psychology I S
MGOC10H3 Analysis for Decision Making S
MGOC15H3 Introductory Business Data Analytics S
MGOC20H3 Operations Management: A Mathematical Approach S
MGSB01H3 Introduction to Strategy S
MGSB22H3 Entrepreneurship S
MGSC01H3 Corporate Strategy S
MGSC03H3 Public Management S
MGSC14H3 Management Ethics S
MGSC30H3 The Legal Environment of Business I S
MGSC35H3 Innovation S
MGSD01H3 Senior Seminar in Strategic Management S
MGSD05H3 Corporate Strategy: Competitive Advantage S
MGSD24H3 New Venture Creation and Planning S
MGTA01H3 Introduction to Business S
MGTA02H3 Managing the Business Organization S
MGTD80H3 Supervised Reading in Management S
MGTD81H3 Supervised Reading in Management S
MGTD82Y3 Supervised Reading in Management Y
NMEB05H3 Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction II S
NMEB06H3 Project Development and Presentation S
NMEB08H3 Application Software for Interactive Media S
NMEB09H3 Sound Design S
NMEB10H3 New Media Design S
NMED20H3 Theory and Practice of New Media S
NROB61H3 Neurophysiology S
NROC36H3 Molecular Neuroscience S
NROC61H3 Learning and Motivation S
NROC63H3 Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory S
NROD60H3 Current Topics in Neuroscience S
PHLA11H3 Introduction to Ethics S
PHLB02H3 Environmental Ethics S
PHLB05H3 Social Issues S
PHLB09H3 Biomedical Ethics S
PHLB55H3 Puzzles and Paradoxes S
PHLC03H3 Topics in the Philosophy of Art S
PHLC05H3 Ethical Theory S
PHLC10H3 Topics in Bioethics S
PHLC31H3 Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Plato S
PHLC35H3 Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Rationalism S
PHLC37H3 Kant S
PHLC92H3 Political Philosophy S
PHLC99H3 Philosophical Development Seminar S
PHLD05H3 Advanced Seminar in Ethics S
PHLD31H3 Advanced Seminar in Ancient Philosophy S
PHLD79H3 Advanced Seminar in Metaphysics S
PHLD90H3 Independent Study S
PHLD91H3 Independent Study S
PHLD92H3 Independent Study S
PHLD93H3 Independent Study S
PHLD94H3 Independent Study S
PHLD95H3 Independent Study S
PHLD96H3 Independent Study S
PHLD97H3 Independent Study S
PHLD98H3 Independent Study S
PHLD99H3 Independent Study S
PHYA10H3 Physics I for the Physical Sciences S
PHYA21H3 Physics II for the Physical Sciences S
PHYA22H3 Physics II for the Life Sciences S
PHYB21H3 Electricity and Magnetism S
PHYB52H3 Thermal Physics S
PHYB54H3 Mechanics: From Oscillations to Chaos S
PHYC11H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory II S
PHYC56H3 Quantum Mechanics I S
PHYD38H3 Nonlinear Systems and Chaos S
POB81H3 Introduction to International Relations II S
POLB91H3 Comparative Development in Political Perspective S
PSCB90H3 Physical Sciences Research Experience S
PSCD02H3 Current Questions in Mathematics and Science S
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology S
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology S
PSYB30H3 Introduction to Personality S
PSYB38H3 Introduction to Behaviour Modification S
PSYB51H3 Introduction to Perception S
PSYB57H3 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology S
PSYC02H3 Scientific Communication in Psychology S
PSYC03H3 Computers in Psychological Research: Advanced Topics S
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology S
PSYC10H3 Judgment and Decision Making S
PSYC12H3 The Psychology of Prejudice S
PSYC14H3 Cross-Cultural Social Psychology S
PSYC18H3 The Psychology of Emotion S
PSYC22H3 Infancy S
PSYC24H3 Childhood and Adolescence S
PSYC33H3 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation S
PSYC50H3 Higher-Level Cognition S
PSYC59H3 Cognitive Neuroscience of Language S
PSYC62H3 Drugs and the Brain S
PSYC70H3 Advanced Research Methods Laboratory S
PSYC71H3 Social Psychology Laboratory S
PSYC73H3 Wellness and Resilience Laboratory S
PSYC75H3 Cognitive Psychology Lab S
PSYD10H3 Community and Applied Social Psychology S
PSYD15H3 Current Topics in Social Psychology S
PSYD30H3 Current Topics in Personality Psychology S
PSYD33H3 Current Topics in Clinical Psychology S
PSYD35H3 Clinical Psychopharmacology S
PSYD39H3 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy S
PSYD50H3 Current Topics in Memory and Cognition S
PSYD59H3 Psychology of Gambling S
PSYD66H3 Current Topics in Human Brain and Behaviour S
RLGA01H3 World Religions I S
STAA57H3 Introduction to Data Science S
STAB22H3 Statistics I S
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences S
STAB27H3 Statistics II S
STAB41H3 Financial Derivatives S
STAB57H3 An Introduction to Statistics S
STAC33H3 Introduction to Applied Statistics S
STAC51H3 Categorical Data Analysis S
STAC58H3 Statistical Inference S
STAC63H3 Probability Models S
STAC67H3 Regression Analysis S
STAC70H3 Statistics and Finance I S
STAD29H3 Statistics for Life & Social Scientists S
STAD70H3 Statistics and Finance II S
STAD78H3 Machine Learning Theory S
STAD80H3 Analysis of Big Data S
STAD92H3 Readings in Statistics S
STAD93H3 Readings in Statistics S
STAD94H3 Statistics Project S
STAD95H3 Statistics Project S
VPAA06H3 Visual and Performing Arts Management in the Digital Age S
VPAA12H3 Audience and Resource Development S
VPAB13H3 Financial Management for Arts Managers S
VPAB17H3 From Principles to Practices in Arts Management S
VPAC18H3 Fundraising and Development in the Arts S
VPAD12H3 Senior Seminar in Arts Management S
VPAD14H3 Independent Studies in Arts Management S
VPDA11H3 Introduction to Performance S
VPDB02H3 Intermedia Workshop in Performance II S
VPDB11H3 Theater History II S
VPDC03H3 Technical Production II S
VPDD01H3 Supervised Performance S
VPDD20H3 Independent Projects in Theatre and Performance S
VPDD50H3 Advanced Seminar in Theatre and Performance S
VPMA66H3 String Orchestra Ia S
VPMA67H3 String Orchestra Ib S
VPMA68H3 Small Ensemble Ia S
VPMA69H3 Small Ensemble Ib S
VPMA70H3 Concert Choir Ia S
VPMA71H3 Concert Choir Ib S
VPMA73H3 Concert Band Ia S
VPMA74H3 Concert Band Ib S
VPMB66H3 String Orchestra IIa S
VPMB67H3 String Orchestra IIb S
VPMB68H3 Small Ensemble IIa S
VPMB69H3 Small Ensemble IIb S
VPMB70H3 Concert Choir IIa S
VPMB71H3 Concert Choir IIb S
VPMB73H3 Concert Band IIa S
VPMB74H3 Concert Band IIb S
VPMB82H3 Music in the Modern and Contemporary World S
VPMB88H3 Materials of Music I S
VPMC01H3 Exploring Community Music S
VPMC66H3 String Orchestra IIIa S
VPMC67H3 String Orchestra IIIb S
VPMC68H3 Small Ensemble IIIa S
VPMC69H3 Small Ensemble IIIb S
VPMC70H3 Concert Choir IIIa S
VPMC71H3 Concert Choir IIIb S
VPMC73H3 Concert Band IIIa S
VPMC74H3 Concert Band IIIb S
VPMC90H3 Materials of Music III S
VPMC91H3 Electronic Music I S
VPMC93H3 Music and Imagination S
VPMD80H3 Independent Study in Music S
VPMD90H3 Critical Issues in Music and Society S
WSTA03H3 Introduction to Theories of Feminism S
WSTB11H3 Intersections of Inequalilty S
WSTC02H3 Research in the Community: Field Experience S
WSTC20H3 Women and Environments S
WSTC22H3 Women and Film S
WSTD04H3 Senior Seminar in Gender, Equity and Human Rights S
WSTD16H3 Socialist Feminism in Global Context S