Getting your TCard just got easier with MyPhoto! - University of Toronto 2020

What is a TCard

Your TCard is your identification for academic purposes. It includes your photo, UTORid, student number (or personnel number for staff and faculty) and a barcode. It provides access to services and facilities such as libraries, athletic facilities, exams, meal plans, online learning portal, printing services, and more. 

TCard Services at Scarborough Campus:

Staff, faculty and students on the Scarborough campus, for whom a new/replacement TCard is a requirement (for access to buildings/labs, meal plans, etc. this Fall) may request a TCard using the processes outlined below. A TCard is not currently required to access U of T Library resources (see below).

UTORid Activation- If you are studying remotely: 

TCards are not required if you are studying remotely. In order to activate your UTORid (which is the key to online resources including UTMail+ and library services), you will be required to submit your photo online and set up a remote appointment. TCard appointments times are visible on CLNx. If there are no appointment times suitable for your schedule, please email us at and we will provide alternate options.

  • Appointments will take place via CLNx Built-in Video (download not required – instructions will be provided in an appointment confirmation email).
  • You will need your JOINid to login to CLNx.

At the appointment you will:

  • Be required to show your face via a webcam (for identity purposes).
  • Show your valid, physical/hard copy government-issued required documents.
    • Note: International students do not require proof of legal status (e.g. study permit) until you are on-campus. An unexpired passport is required to validate identity, during the remote appointment.
  • Have your MyPhoto picture verified by a TCard Staff.
  • Receive your UTORid Activation instructions.

Step 1: Submit a photo via MyPhoto, and once the photo is approved (you will get an email).
Step 2: Set up a remote appointment via CLNx to activate your UTORid.

Get Your TCard- Newly admitted students:

Step 1: Submit a photo via MyPhoto, and once the photo is approved (you will get an email).
Step 2: Set up a remote appointment via CLNx to activate your UTORid. *Note: Both step 1 and step 2 must be completed in order to produce a physical card.
Step 3: Once your information has been submitted your card will be printed and you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to book an in-person appointment to pick-up your card from the UTSC Library. Do not book a pick-up appointment unless you have received an email confirming your card is ready for pick-up in the Library
Step 4: Bring appropriate documents to verify your identity and legal status in Canada in order to pick up your card. ( are not permitted to release cards if you do not provide the correct documentation. 

Get Your TCard – If you are in residence:

TCards will be provided to you at your residence, so long as you successfully submit a photo via MyPhoto and complete a remote appointment via CLNx.

  • Check with Residence staff to confirm if they have your card, if they do not have your card please follow step 1 and step 2 and you will be notified when your card is ready for pick up. 
  • Before the end of 2020, you will be required to book an appointment in the TCard office to present your legal status documentation. Proof of Legal Status in Canada (e.g. Canadian, Permanent Resident, International) is required, once you are on campus, to begin studying at the University of TorontoIf you are on campus and require a TCard:

Get Your TCard - Replacement TCard:

Please note a TCard is not currently required to access U of T Library resources (see below). You are still able to write an exam or midterm if you have lost your TCard. Visit Lost/Replacement TCards for more information and on how to disable a TCard

  • If you need to replace a lost or damaged TCard, and, you currently require it for on-campus access to buildings and services, you will be required to email from your @utoronto email address to request a replacement to the UTSC TCard Office: 
  • There is a $20 replacement fee. Please add funds to your TBucks account so that this fee can be charged. 
  • In your request for a replacement card, please provide the following in the email: 
  • Subject line: first name, last name, replacement card
  • your first and last name, student number, UTORid and confirmation that you have added funds to your TBucks account for the replacement fee
  • Attach a portrait photo which adheres to the following criteria: 

o   head and shoulders, against a white background 

o   Make sure your head is centred and eyes are looking into the camera 

o   Submit a colour photo 

o   Accurately represents your current appearance* 

o   Submit a photo with a minimum of 300 x 370 pixels at 300 dpi, in a JPEG format with a maximum size of 6 MB  

o   Please do not do any of the following or the replacement cannot be printed: Digitally alter your photo or use any filters*, use a scanned picture or a picture of a picture, use social media photos, include objects (hats/sunglasses) or other people

 Once the replacement fee has been processed and your card has been printed, you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to book an appointment through CLNx to pick up your card in the library. Do not book an appointment unless you have received a confirmation that your card is available. Please note that you will be required to present the appropriate documentation in order to pick up your TCard, this includes valid government-issued ID.

Staff and Faculty:

New or replacement TCards for staff and faculty for access to buildings, labs, and other services on campus may be requested via email to:

The hiring manager/departmental contact can email to make this request or the staff member from the department can follow these steps to request a card. 

  1. The list of staff who require replacement cards (full name, employee number & UTORid).
  2. A portrait photo of each staff emailed to: *Head & shoulders on a white background, looking straight into the camera. Jpg is preferable.
  3. Once the card is printed, the staff member will be notified that the card is available for pick up and they can contact Frank Tong ( in the UTSC library to confirm a pickup time. Government-issued ID will be required for pick up. 

For Contractors, Temporary Staff/Faculty & Visiting Professors who require a UTORid or UTORid reactivation:

If you fall into one of these categories and do not appear in HRIS, the department you are working for should apply for a Long-Term Guest UTORid and then submit the request to:

  • Name 
  • Birthdate 
  • Previously Assigned UTORid (if applicable)
  • UTORid date range (i.e. length of the contract)
  • Name of Department
  • Address of Department