TCard and UTORid

The UTSC TCard Office offers drop-in appointments for in-person services during our office hours. For further information or assistance, please contact us at and include your full name and student number/UTORid. Email responses from the TCard Office may take 2-3 business days.

All students are required to activate their UTORid (instructions below).

What's the difference between my TCard and UTORid?


  • Your physical identification for U of T final exams and on-campus services.
  • Provides access to on-campus facilities: Library, Pan Am, Building/Lab access, Food services, Printing services, etc.


  • Your login to U of T online services.
  • Provides access to your UTmail+, ACORN, Quercus, etc.

New Students: Spring/Summer & Fall 2024

Spring/Summer 2024 Students: You can begin your TCard process to get your UTORid, U of T email address and TCard starting April 1st.
Fall 2024 Students: You can begin your TCard process to get your UTORid, U of T email address and TCard starting May 1st.

Students must have their status as 'Invited' or 'Registered' on ACORN to activate their UTORid and/or pick up their TCard (if legal status has been verified).

Video Guide: Newly Admitted Students: Activate your UTORid

How to get your UTORid and TCard:

Step 1: Find your legal status in ACORN. Then, use the Documents Tool to determine which documents, you must submit to verify your identity and legal status.
Step 2: Submit your photo for the TCard and your identity & legal status documentation via CloudCard.
Step 3: Once your submission has been approved, you will receive your Secret Activation Key (SAK) AND instructions on how to activate your UTORid via email. Follow the steps to convert your JOINid to your UTORid and set up your U of T email.
Note: All staff and students can pick up their cards at the UTSC Registrar's Office. Bring the appropriate legal status documentation to obtain your card.

If your current legal status does not match the status indicated on ACORN, the TCard Office will not be able to verify your status. Contact our Front Line team for assistance to make the appropriate update.

Step 1: Find the legal status documents you need here. Check ACORN to determine your legal status.

Step 2: Bring the appropriate identity and legal status documents at the time of your drop-in appointment. The TCard Office is only able to verify documentation that is valid and original (photocopies are not accepted). The legal name displayed on your documentation must match how your name is displayed on the University’s records (view your name in ACORN).  

Access the UTSC Library

You can access the UTSC Library by providing a Canadian government-issued photo ID or a passport and your student number.

Access the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

You will need a 16-digit library barcode to access the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre without a TCard:

Login to the UTORid Information site to locate your library barcode.

Create a self-service account through  You will need both your student number and 16-digit barcode to create an account.

Install the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre app. You will need your barcode and student number to activate your account through the app. Please ensure you have created/activated your self-service account before setting up your TPASC App account. Scan the app to access TPASC. 

Step 1: Disable services on your TCard.

If you are not immediately replacing it: 

1.   Report your lost TCard to the Library at 416-978-7694 or visit the circulation desk of any U of T library. 

2.   If you have a meal plan or printing funds on your TCard, you can deactivate your TCard+ funds using the Online Meal Plan Management System (log in with your UTORid or click on Lost TCard). You can also report the loss to or 416-978-1309. 

Step 2: Visit the TCard Office during office hours and present the appropriate documentation to confirm your identity, this includes valid government-issued ID. There is a $20 replacement fee (pay via credit card, debit card or TBucks. Cash is not accepted).

You can request new or replacement TCards for access to buildings, labs, and other on-campus services via email. Please follow the instructions on the UTSC Faculty and Staff TCard page.

Please bring any lost TCards to the Office of the Registrar so we can alert the student that their card has been found.