Staff and Faculty TCards

Staff and Faculty:

Staff and faculty can request new or replacement TCards for access to buildings, labs, and other on-campus services via email:

The hiring manager/departmental contact can email to make this request on behalf of the staff or the staff member can make the request and copy their hiring manager. Submit the following to request a card:

  1. The list of staff who require replacement cards (full name, employee number & UTORid).
  2. A portrait photo of each staff emailed to:

Attach a portrait photo which adheres to the following criteria: 

  • ​Head and shoulders, against a white background 
  • Head centred, eyes looking into the camera 
  • Colour photo with a minimum of 300 x 370 pixels at 300 dpi, in a JPG format with a maximum size of 6 MB
  • Accurately represents your current appearance
  • Please do not do any of the following or the replacement cannot be printed
    • Digitally alter your photo or use any filters, use a scanned picture or a picture of a picture, use social media photos, include objects (hats/sunglasses) or other people

Staff members will be notified when their cards are available for pick up at the UTSC library. Government-issued ID is required. 

For Contractors, Temporary Staff/Faculty & Visiting Professors who require a UTORid or UTORid reactivation:

If you fall into one of these categories and do not appear in HRIS, the department you are working for should apply for a Long-Term Guest UTORid and then submit the request to:

  • Name 
  • Birthdate 
  • Previously Assigned UTORid (if applicable)
  • UTORid date range (i.e. length of the contract)
  • Name of Department
  • Address of Department