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Welcome to the Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides leadership in educational excellence. We support educators in their development as expert teachers and help students enhance foundational academic skills. We assist instructors with educational technologies (including Quercus) and provide consultation in areas ranging from curriculum development to equity, diversity and inclusion. Read about our supports and programming, below. 

We are the Centre for Teaching and Learning

We work with UTSC students to enhance skills to succeed academically and beyond.

Our experts can help you sharpen your writing skills and learn about the beauty and utility of mathematics and statistics; assist you with English language development and hone your listening and speaking abilities for more effective academic communication.

Find a particular course challenging? Tackle it with fellow students in a Facilitated Study Group, which is led by a student who has excelled in the course previously. Want to add real-world experience to your classroom learning? Sign up for our "CTLB03H3 Introduction to Community-Engaged Learning" course.

Through one-on-one tutorials, group workshops, seminars and more, we can help.

Check out our Academic Learning Support page

Our roots run deep when it comes to advising and collaborating with educators. We are dedicated to creating a “community of practice” in which teachers interact, learn and support each other. Some of our programming includes a professional development course for faculty, the Celebration of Teaching and Faculty Showcase, and the New Faculty Orientation.

We also offer webinars and workshops for instructors – from designing accessible syllabi, to the pedagogy of care, to creating effective teaching portfolios.

Our Educational Developers provide consultations on syllabus and assignments; curriculum development and mapping; course design; equity, diversity and inclusion; and research support. This includes experiential learning courses and curricula.

When it comes to course design, our Educational Technologists can help you with the technologies in U of T’s Academic Toolbox. They provide divisional support for Quercus – which is UTSC's Learning Management System – and assist with UTSC-only tools such as Kaltura and ExamSoft. With our partners in IITS and the UTSC Library, we also support classroom podiums and academic integrity, offer a Teaching Enhancement Grants program and much more.

Check out Tech Support for TeachingEducational Development, and Programming for Educators: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning comprises faculty and instructors, educational developers, student programming coordinators, educational technologists, accessibility consultants, administrators and students. Our diverse team works together to support instructors and students in educational excellence. You can reach us at

We are committed to inclusive excellence – and to building relationships with partners and communities to support pedagogical research, encourage lifelong learning and deepen CTL’s impact and influence across academic programming at UTSC.

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