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Experiential Learning

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Are you interested in adding real-world experience to your classroom learning at UTSC? Experiential Learning, also known as Community-Engaged Learning, offers you the opportunity to test what you learn in your courses through applying it in a community setting and through the process of reflecting on this experience. In Experiential Learning, classroom and community enrich each other.

CTL’s Community-Engaged Learning course

CTLB03H provides students with opportunities to take their academic content knowledge and apply it outside of the typical classroom course environment. Through this type of active, hands-on learning, students gain experience with various modes of discipline-related practice, connect with different discipline-interested parties in their communities and enhance their understanding of academic subject matter.

There are two components to CTLB03H:

  1. For the placement element of the course, students work collaboratively with discipline-interested parties on mutually agreed-upon activities, at mutually agreed-upon times (approximately six to eight hours a week). The communities which students serve may be on campus (“in-reach”) or off campus (“outreach”).

  2. The in-class “lecture” element of the course involves all students meeting once a week to learn theory and skills that enable them to maximally gain from their experiential learning experience (including instruction and discussions on reflective writing, professional communication, learning styles and more).