UTSC Courses

CTL courses offer students across the disciplines the opportunity to expand the scope of their academic engagement.

CTLA01H Foundations in Effective Academic Communication: This highly interactive course for English language learners is designed to fast-track the development of critical thinking, reading, writing and oral communication skills. Through the emphasis on academic writing and rapid expansion of vocabulary, students will gain practical experience with university-level academic texts and assignment expectations.

CTLA02H Exploring Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Academic Contexts: This course develops students’ academic and communication skills through a critical exploration of Canadian culture and academic expectations. Using audiovisual and textual media, students learn through interactive online and in-class collaborative discussions. This course aims to foster dynamic academic acculturation for international students and develop their multi-literate engagement in English.

CTLB03H Introduction to Community-Engaged Learning: In this experiential learning course, students apply discipline-specific academic concepts as they work with community partners in the service of others. Working either within the academic community or with a discipline-related off-campus community partner, students develop problem-solving, professional communication and self-reflective learning skills. For more information on this course, click go to our Experiential Learning site.