Reading and Writing Excellence Program

Reading and Writing Excellence Program (RWE) pairs a student with an expert writing instructor for support in developing active reading, critical thinking and reflective writing skills. This four-week program helps students understand and meet university-level expectations in a warm, supportive and collegial environment. In RWE, students read course materials for 40 minutes and write for 20 minutes every day and receive personalized feedback from CTL writing instructors.

If students complete at least 25 critical thinking journals, we can recommend they receive 2% bonus marks in a chosen collaborating course. If they write 13-24 critical thinking journals, they will be recommended for a 1% bonus mark. 

If you would like to sign up your course(s) to be Collaborating Course(s) for RWE so that your students are encouraged to develop their academic reading and writing skills, please complete this MS Form to sign up* (Summer 2024 semester) and/or reach out to Dr. Elaine Khoo at

*If you are a student, please do not fill in the MS form linked above. Please refer to the instructions in the RWE Quercus shell on how to have a course added to the collaborating courses list

Learn more about the RWE program, including how students register, at