Tech Support for Teaching

About Us

We provide support and assistance for the instructional technologies in U of T's Academic Toolbox.

Our team provides divisional support for Quercus – which is UTSC's Learning Management System – and assists with UTSC-only tools such as Kaltura and ExamSoft.

We also process all the Scantron Bubble sheets for multiple-choice exams. (Fun fact: prior to the pandemic we processed more than 100,000 sheets each year.)


Educational Technology Support

Our Academic Resources site provides information about the university’s technological solutions for teaching online.
Please see our index of EdTech Tip Sheets.

The Final Exam support model is outlined in Exam Support. You can even take a Mock Exam. After you try it out,you can share your exam model with your students as a prep tool.


Synchronous Delivery

Synchronous online lectures can be a valuable teaching and learning experience. Synchronous tools provide a virtual learning environment for students and allow for live classroom collaboration. (Click for Resources)


Asynchronous Delivery

Pre-recorded lectures can help instructors re-organize teaching and rethink content delivery. Students can play back the lectures and work through the content at their own pace, and revisit material when needed. (Click for Resources)


In-Person Teaching

Many of our courses are scheduled in-person for Winter 2022. However, there is a delay to in-person delivery of lectures until after Jan 31, 2022. Please stay tuned for updates.