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The timetable changes constantly. Check regularly for updates.

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This archive provides copies of the past Academic Timetables. Please contact Tammy Parsonson, the Course and Room Scheduling Coordinator at the Registrar's Office, if you have any inquiries.


Meeting Section

LEC - Lecture
TUT - Tutorial
PRA - Practical

LEC 01-29: Day in-class lecture
LEC 30-40: Evening in-class lecture
LEC 60-69: Online+Day/Evening Sections
LEC 70-79: Online lecture, has in-class components
LEC 99: Fully Online
Section Code

F - September to December

Y - September to April

S - January to April
Location Codes (map)
AA - Arts & Administration Building
AC - Academic Resource Centre
AQ - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
BV - Bladen Wing
EV - Environmental Science & Chemistry Building
HW - Humanities Wing
IC - Instructional Centre
MW - Social Sciences Building
PO - Portables
SW - Science Wing
SY - Science Research Building
Restrictions & Instructions:

- Check for any course retrictions & instructions before enrolling.

- Additional information about a course.

Enrolment Controls:

P = Priority. Some students are given priority access
R = Restricted. Course is restricted at all times for specific students
A = Approval. Departmental approval is required
E = Enrolment on ACORN is disabled. Students must enrol through the department
* or combination of any above

2018 Fall / 2019 Winter Timetable

CHMA10H3F - Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
All CHMA10H3 F PRACTICALS WILL BE CLOSED AS OF 3:00pm on Thursday September 6th. Please see Scott Ballantyne in SW 155C to make practical changes.

Odd numbered practical groups have their first lab during the week of September 10th.
Even numbered practical groups have their first lab during the week of September 17th.

DO NOT attempt to adjust your lab practical via the online system after September 6th - attempting to do so will result in your forfeiting your current lab spot and the system will be unable to enroll you in another lab section essentially leaving you without a lab group. After September 6th please contact Dr. Ballantyne for lab practical changes.

This course has Facilitated Study Groups. For more information, please Click Here
Meeting SectionDay(s)Start(s)EndLocationInstructorNotes
LEC01MO12:0013:00AC 223Zhang, X./Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
WE12:0013:00AC 223Zhang, X./Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
FR12:0013:00AC 223Zhang, X./Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
LEC02MO13:0014:00AC 223Zimmer-De Iuliis, M./Zhang, X.
WE13:0014:00AC 223Zimmer-De Iuliis, M./Zhang, X.
FR13:0014:00AC 223Zimmer-De Iuliis, M./Zhang, X.
PRA0001MO09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0002MO09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0003MO09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0004MO09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0005MO09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0006MO09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0007MO09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0008MO09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0009MO14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0010MO14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0011MO14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0012MO14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0013MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0014MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0015MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0016MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0017TU09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0018TU09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0019TU09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0020TU09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0021TU09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0022TU09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0023TU09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0024TU09:0012:00SW 159
PRA0025TU14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0026TU14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0027TU14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0028TU14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0033WE09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0034WE09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0035WE09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0036WE09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0037WE14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0038WE14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0039WE14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0040WE14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0041TH09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0042TH09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0043TH09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0044TH09:0012:00SW 153
PRA0046TH14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0047TH14:0017:00SW 153
PRA0048TH14:0017:00SW 153
CHMA10H3S - Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
All CHMA10H3 S PRACTICALS WILL BE CLOSED AS OF 4:00pm Friday, January 4th. Please see Scott Ballantyne in SW155C to make practical changes.

Odd numbered practical groups have their first lab during the week of January 7th
Even numbered practical groups have their first lab during the week of January 14th
Meeting SectionDay(s)Start(s)EndLocationInstructorNotes
LEC01MO10:0011:00SW 309Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
WE10:0011:00SW 309Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
FR10:0011:00SW 309Zimmer-De Iuliis, M.
PRA0001MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0002MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0003MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0004MO14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0005TU14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0006TU14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0007TU14:0017:00SW 159
PRA0008TU14:0017:00SW 159

Schedule effective 2018-06-24 9:11am

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