Letter Request Forms

*ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited that effective April 27, 2022, students can generate Confirmation of Enrolment letters for currently open semesters, free of charge, through ACORN!  You can access this option on ACORN under 'Transcript & Enrolment Confirmation'

Letters that require customization (for example, letters confirming enrolment for previously completed terms) or 3rd party forms (for example those required by RESP companies) must still be completed by the Registrar's Office and are subject to an $8 fee.  These can be requested by submitting a completed 'Letter to Request University Status' form to askro@utsc.utoronto.ca.

Use these forms if you require:

  • Confirmation of your enrolment at the University of Toronto Scarborough for previously completed terms
  • Documentation to secure travel or visa documentation
  • Request confirmation of your eligibility to graduate


Application period

  • Open

How to get Letter Request Forms:

Please include the reasons why you require a Confirmation Letter Request Form.


Confirmation Letter requests must be submitted through email and must be sent using your University of Toronto email address. If you do not have access for any reason and use a personal email account, your request must be accompanied by a photo of your government-issued photo I.D (excluding provincial health card) beside your face to prove your identity. If you grant permission to a third-party to pick up your letter, please review our policy here.