Financial Aid Deadlines

Fall 2021- Winter 2022 Deadlines related to OSAP, out-of-province loans, etc.


Available Deadlines Additional Information
Fee Deferral    

Apply for a fee deferral on ACORN during this period.

Allow at least 7 days from the day you submitted your OSAP extension (or application on OSAP website) for us to update the Fee Deferral database.  If you experience any problems, contact the Registrar’s Office immediately via email:

OSAP Extension Form


If you require a fee deferral, apply by: 
Last day to apply to be considered for funding: 
May to June
July to Aug: 
May to Aug:
Most students will use this U of T online extension form to apply for OSAP funding for the 2021 Summer session.
If you received OSAP funds at U of T during the 2021 Winter Session or 2020 Fall Session, you need to use this application.
Your summer study period must be at least 12 weeks in length.
Early March 2022
If you require a fee deferral, apply by:
Last day to apply to be considered for funding:
Apply online at the OSAP website if you did not receive funding at U of T in the 2020 Fall or 2021 Winter Session.
Start a new 2020 – 2021 application on the OSAP website.
OSAP Supporting Documents & Reviews/Appeals Immediately after applying  

Supporting documents include: academic letters, copies of marriage certificate, Permanent Resident card, etc. Allow 3 to 4 weeks to process.

Supporting documentation and appeals must be received in our office by the deadline date (40 days prior to the last day of the study period). This is a hard deadline.

Continuation of Interest Free Status (CIFS)    

Apply for CIFS by logging in to your OSAP Account. Start a new application by choosing the Interest Free option.

Who should use this application?
1.Students participating in a co-op work term during the 2021 Summer session areadvised to complete this application, if they are not applying for OSAP funding.
2.Students who are attending classes on a full-time basis and who are not applyingfor OSAP funding.
Follow up with National Student Loan Service Centre approximately 15 days after submission on your OSAP account: 1-888-815-4514.
UTSC Grant/Bursary -Online Application     Apply for financial assistance using the online application at the U of T Grant Application Portal.
Part-Time (PT) OSAP  
If you require a fee deferral:
Last day to apply to be considered for funding:
May to June study period: 
May to Aug study period: 
Apply for PT funding by logging in to your OSAP Account.
Start a new 2020 – 2021 application on the OSAP website.