General Forms

Breadth Requirement

  • Other U of T campuses have different breadth requirements.
    If you took a course at another campus, you may request to have a UTSC breadth requirement assigned to it.

Change of Name or Gender Request

  • Formal request to change your name on ACORN.

Request to Enrol in 3.5 Credits

  • Request an exception to the standard course load in order to take additional credits.

Letter Request Forms

  • Request an official letter from the University to confirm your enrolment, or graduation candidacy.

Re-enrolment Request Form

  • If you are returning to your studies after a suspension, or after an absence of 12 months or more, complete this form.

Verification of Illness or Injury

  • U of T's official medical form to document illness or injury.

Waive Course Load Restriction

  • If you wish to waive your course load restriction due to a deferred exam, submit this form.

Financial Aid Forms

Interest Free Status

  • Full-time students who previously received OSAP can submit this form to keep their loans interest free.

Change Study Period or Income

  • If you need to make a change to your study period or income information on your OSAP application.

Fee Deferral

  • Qualifying students can request a fee deferral in order to register.

Co-op & OSAP Forms

  • These forms may be used by Co-op students to apply for OSAP during a Work Term.

Reinstatement Form

  • If you dropped to part-time studies in the Fall semester, and will be taking a full-time course load in the Winter semester, use this form to update your record.

OSAP Application Update

  • Update your OSAP application information such as your course load, your program name, or other relevant information.

Canadian Out-of-Province Student Provincial Form Request

  • Institutional Requests: Students may have a paper document supplied by their home province with which the institution must provide program and tuition cost information.

UTAPS Application

  • Need navigator¬†application for government financial aid recipients (e.g., OSAP, Out-of-Province) Or Educationally only funded Indigenous students that have a remaining financial need / unmet need.