Course Spotlight

Curious about what kinds of things we do in English? Our course spotlight features some of the concepts, texts, and approaches explored in various corners of the UTSC English programs. Read below for a sampling, and feel free to contact any of the professors if you have questions about their courses.

ENGC39: The Early Novel in Context

Offered Winter 2021. You think you know about The Novel? HAH. This course will challenge everything you know about genre, sex, autobiography, romance, and reading itself. Pre-1900 course.

ENGC45: Queer Literature & Theory

Offered Winter 2021. This semester Prof. SJ Sindu asks us to think about queerness and transness from both a critical and creative perspective.

ENGD59: American Poetry (Elizabeth Bishop)

Offered Winter 2021. Prof. Dubois will walk with you through the work of Elizabeth Bishop -- you may find yourself enthralled, enamored, enriched, perhaps maybe even chastened -- and certainly ever bettered.

ENGB33: Shakespeare in Context II

Offered Fall 2020. Shakespeare's context is more familiar to us that you might imagine: love, war, madness, globalization, social unrest, and theatre in the time of plague! Pre-1900 course.

ENGB37: Popular Literature & Mass Culture

Offered Fall 2020. You'll never have more fun at the end of the world -- and exploring what comes after -- than in Prof. Bolus-Reichert's class on apocalyptic fiction!

ENGB52: Literature & Science

Offered Fall 2020. Are you ready for a semester of monsters and metaphor? Interested in where the nuclear meets the novel? This is the course for you!

ENGC02: Major Canadian Authors

Offered Fall 2020. How can Canadian literature help us understand the transformations our world is going through? Prof. Goldman has some ideas she'd like to share with you.

ENGC59: Literature and the Environment

Offered Fall 2020. How can literature help us understand -- and engage with -- environmental justice and place-making? Prof. Milne's class will ground you in one of the most important conversations we can have.

ENGC91: American Realisms

Offered Fall 2020. Looking for perspective on today's struggles for justice and equality in America? Join Prof. Maurice's class to learn what literature of the past can teach us about representation. Pre-1900 course.

ENGD30: Topics in Medieval Literature

Offered Fall 2020. Go on a thousand-year quest to find the meaning in King Arthur, covering a treacherous landscape of history, romance, and politics! Pre-1900 course.

ENGD98: Capstone Seminar & Senior Essay

Offered 2020-21. In this yearlong course you will develop and present your own independent research project, and prepare for possible graduate studies in English.