Choosing Your Courses

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Welcome to the best place to learn about our course offerings! We hope you'll explore the areas listed below to help you make decisions about your courses that are best for you, and feel free to contact our Undergraduate Coodinator ( if you have specific questions about your courses or degree planning.

When planning your degree path, please be aware that not all English Department courses are offered every semester, or even every year. If there is a course you are especially interested in, we encourage you to speak to the appropriate Program Supervisor (for English, Literature & Film Studies, or Creative Writing) to get a sense of when and how often that course might be offered.

If you are serious about continuing in English literature beyond the undergraduate level, you should consider enrolling in ENGD98, which is an intensive seminar that provides qualified students with the opportunity to develop a senior essay project under the supervision of a faculty member in English. Our course on Literary Theory (ENGC15) is also recommended for students interested in graduate work.

It’s important to note that our courses are not hierarchically structured as in some other disciplines. So, for example, ENGB22 is not a pre-requisite for ENGC22, and you don’t need ENGC48 to take ENGD48. Once you’ve planned for the requirements within your chosen program, you should take the courses that appeal to you, or help you deepen or broaden your knowledge.

Students are advised to check any individual pre-requisites or recommended preparation for C- and D- level courses, and to consult with the Program Supervisor before taking courses on other campuses.