Creative Writing at UTSC

Welcome to the Creative Writing program at UTSC English!

The courses you will experience on your journey as a writer are practice-based, employing the creative workshop method. This will enable you to work within a supportive and personalized writing environment and from faculty expertise, as well as peer review. Our program also encourages you to focus on your own professional development as a practicing writer. And of course, you will benefit from exposure to thriving Toronto-based presses, and the opportunity to develop your own chapbook publications.

Another significant benefit of our program is the way it has grown out of and is still embedded in the scholary side of our English department: you will have access to the research and teaching expertise of all the English faculty, who work in a wide range of fields connected to creative writing; many of these faculty members are also active in writing, filmmaking, and other creative endeavors, and you will find that they regularly incorporate creative assignments into their own classes.

One of the most notable qualities of our creative writing program is the support and friendship offered in our close-knit community of writers, both within the English Department and across the UTSC campus as a whole.

Please feel free to explore the specific programs and opportunities below for a deeper dive into Creative Writing at UTSC. You can also contact the program advisor, Daniel Tysdal, at

We look forward to meeting you, and to hearing your work!


Major in Creative Writing

Are you an aspiring author who wants to add a practical, hands-on component to your university education? Then you've come to the right place: UTSC is the only campus at UofT where you can earn a Major in Creative Writing.

Creative Writing Class

Minor in Creative Writing

Are you looking to branch out from your chosen field and learn how to write creatively? Our Creative Writing Minor offers you the freedom to discover your unique literary voice.


Writers-in-Residence at UTSC

Since its inauguration in 2013, UTSC's Writer-in-Residence program has been bringing students into dialogue with select accomplished writers.