Master of Teaching Combined Degree Program

Chalkboard: UTSC English BA + OISE Master of Teaching = Combined Degree Program

Get your B.A. from UTSC English and gain early admission to OISE's Master of Teaching! 

Please see the information below about how the Combined Degree Program works across our campus. If you have any questions, you can contact Maria Assif, the faculty advisor for this program.

You might also be interested in planning your courses to include ENGD02: Teaching Academic Writing, which is a pedagogy-focused service learning course.


Benefits of the CDP at a Glance:

  • Graduate with 2 Degrees in 6 years
  • Gain early admission to OISE's MT Program
  • Become a Certified Teacher from Canada's #1 University
  • Take 2 MT Courses in Year 4 & have both count to your HBA/HBSc & MT
  • Participate in enriching experiential opportunities working with kids in K-12
  • Gain personalized 1-on-1 support during the CDP Experience

Become an Educational Leader Today

The UTSC Combined Degree Programs (CDP) with OISE’s Master of Teaching (MT) are designed for University of Toronto Scarborough students interested in combining their bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree and professional teacher education. CDPs are ideal for UTSC students who want to become excellent teachers and the next generation of educational leaders. UTSC CDPs allow exceptional students to gain conditional access to the Master of Teaching program early in their undergraduate studies, clearing a pathway to the teaching profession.



  1. Must be registered at UTSC in Year 3 of the English Major or Specialization program. 
  2. Have an average grade equivalent of B+ (GPA 3.3) or higher in Year 2 of their undergraduate studies.
  3. Be on course to complete the prerequisites for two teaching subjects, finishing half of the required credits for each subject by the end of Year 3.
  4. Meet other qualifications as specified by the MT program, such as a police record check and having relevant teaching experience.



Applicants must have two teaching subjects in their undergrad degree. Applicants must complete 6 full credits (12 half-credit courses) for the first teaching subject and three full credits (6 half-credit courses) for the second teaching subject. (Note: French and Science require 6.0 credits).



English Specialist and Major students are both eligible for the CDP.



English undergraduate programs have a Co-op option available for students to choose from when deciding on their combined degree. 



Statement of Intent: Two (2) pages maximum. Applicants indicate their preferred concentration (Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, or Intermediate-Senior) and describe three significant teaching and/or teaching-related experiences they have had, especially with groups of children. With reference to these experiences, applicants should identify insights gained about teaching and learning, and explain how, based on these insights, they might contribute to the education of students in today's schools.

Resume and Experience Chart: The resumé describes the applicant’s education and employment history, awards, business and professional achievements, community activities, as well as any special and/or transferrable skills one has acquired. 

Included within the resume, applicants are requested to list, in chart form, the extent of their experience working with learners through the Experience Chart. Applicants can download the chart from the Master of Teaching website here

Reference Letters: Two reference letters are required; one academic reference and one professional reference. The professional reference letter is preferably written by a person who supervised you during one of the teaching experiences that you describe in your Statement of Intent. The academic letter should come from a university professor who has taught you in the past.

Submitting Your Application: Receiving the Conditional Offer

Congratulations! After receiving your conditional offer of admission, you will be able to enroll in two (2) Master of Teaching graduate courses in Year 4 as part of your undergraduate program. The two courses will be counted towards the completion of both your undergraduate degree and Master of Teaching.

To continue in the Master of Teaching program, you must satisfy all the conditions of admission:

  1. Achieving a B+ or better average in your final year courses with a minimum B+ average in 1.0 FCE Master of Teaching graduate courses taken in Year 4.
  2. Completion of 6.0 FCE in your first teaching subject and 3.0 FCE in your second teaching subject. Note: French as a Second Language and Science require 6.0 credits.
  3. Be conferred with the HBA/ HBSc degree.

When enrolled in the undergraduate program at UTSC, your primary contact is the CDP Coordinator.

When you have satisfied all conditions of admission and are admitted to the Master of Teaching program, the graduate program at OISE will assume the role of advising you. OISE’s Office of the Registrar and Student Services will confirm with you whether the conditions have been met in the summer after graduation (after Year 4). If conditions have not been met, the offer of admission will be cancelled.


Learn More & Apply Today!

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