Curriculum Changes 2018

During the 2017 year, the English Department conducted a floor-to-ceiling review of our curriculum. This review included a survey sent to all English students in 2017, along with follow-up focus group discussions in which we heard from you about your experiences navigating our programs.

Based on your invaluable feedback, we began a process of revising and streamlining our curriculum to make it more navigable and intuitive. It has been an intensive and rewarding process, and we are deeply appreciative of all the students who shared their thoughts with us.

The following curriculum changes came into effect beginning in Summer term 2018. They include the following:

  • ENGB03: Critical Thinking About Narrative, has been retired from the Calendar and replaced with a new course, ENGA01 What Is Literature?
  • ENGB05 has been shifted from the B-level to the A-level, and is now called ENGA02 Critical Writing about Literature
  • The title of ENGB04 has been changed to "How to Read a Poem," and this course will now be an elective rather than a program requirement
  • ENGC15 Introduction to Theory & Criticism, has been added to the requirements for the English specialist program
  • The pre-requisites needed for almost all C-level courses are now simply any 6.0 completed university credits. (Make sure you check the calendar listings for specific requirements or recommended preparation for individual courses.)
  • We have made some course title changes that affect our Lit & Film Minor particularly:
    • ENGB70 is now called “How to Read a Film”
    • ENGA10 has been changed to “Literature and Film for Our Time: Visions and Revisions” and
    • ENGA11 has been changed to “Literature and Film for Our Time: Dawn of the Digital.”

The changes in program routes and requirements apply to any student who declared their English program after 1 April 2018; if you started in English before 1 April 2018, the previous Calendar’s requirements will still apply. If you choose, you can change from the old to the new system by speaking with the Undergraduate Assistant, Sean Ramrattan, in HW426.

If you declared your program in English after 1 April 2018 but have already taken ENGB03, ENGB04, and/or ENGB05, please contact Professor Gaston (Associate Chair and Program Supervisor) to ensure that these courses are credited properly.

If you want to see the effect on our specific programs, please click the following links:

Specialist in English
Major in English
Minor in English
Minor in Literature & Film Studies
Minor in Creative Writing

We encourage you to contact the Undergraduate Assistant or the Associate Chair and Program Director for any questions or concerns you might have.

You can also check out the flowchart below for details on how these changes apply to you (right-click or option-click to expand the image):

curriculum flowchart